Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Traverse City

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Traverse City sits in the northwest of the state, on the pinkie of the mitten. It's home to the National Cherry Festival, multiple wineries and plenty of options for sightseeing and recreation. Though city leadership has pledged to have regulations in place for provisioning centers by summer 2018, there are currently none within Traverse City. Multiple recommendation centers can be found in town, but you'lll need to head east to Frederic or Grayling to buy some product.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Traverse City, MI

  • Where can I consume cannabis in Traverse City?

    Medical marihuana products are meant to be consumed in the privacy of one's own home, or on private property with owner's permission, always out of view of the public.

  • Can I grow cannabis plants in Traverse City?

    Under Michigan Law qualifying patients or their specified primary caregiver are allowed to have up to 12 cannabis plants at one time, in addition to 2.5 ounces of usable marihuana. Plants must be kept out of public view and behind locked barriers.

Traverse City Dispensary Reviews

  • Excellent quality products, employees who are friendly, polite, and knowledgeable, amazing prices, and a great selection. Since finding them by mistake they have become my go-to supplier.

  • Great place to buy my meds!!!

  • Always great smoke and gets it delivered quickly. Pleasure to deal with.

  • what a total douche bag!!!!!!!! hung up on me because "he had the same conversation with me last week" well that was the very first time i have ever called a dispo in my life, he doesn't have a list to look at to order. I asked if he had any cartridges and he hung up. 0/10 would not recommend wasting your time.

  • Great place super compassionate!!!

  • Alittle hard to find it hidden in plain sight. People are nice and helpful the product is very high standard. I recommend CFC for advice and fulfillment.

  • Initial trip great. Follow up calls, no respone. Just not returning any calls.

  • Okay I think this place has the best products of choice but the product I chose currently was not what It was suppose to be very disappointed was starting to like this place

  • Bad place buds are not dense and compact had two different kinds mixed in the package not even the same kind I chose! Prices are outrageous! Last time I paid 20 for a gram was high school days!

  • Worst experience ever!!! Horrible! Stay clear!!!

  • Best certification clinic in the state.

  • The experience I had at that certification place has a traumatic injury brain injury and person that the former vet of United States Army the people that work at this place are so compassionate and proud it is amazing and it's very comfortable to know that I can feel relaxed and a place and not be judge

  • avoid like the plague, scammers who will promise free meds that never get delivered, excuses are made month after month to trick ppl in to buying meds waiting for promises of free or discount meds that never become reality. There are many other good dispensaries in town to choose from that are safer. Even the location for this shop is shady is a double locked entry hiding on the side of a warehouse. You can hear the dogs barking inside and it feels like something out of a shady drug movie. Avoid, run away.

  • Im glad they followed suit on the pre packaged bandwagon set in place by another service here in town. The flower is not as dry and its just all around better. But for 30 a gram it better roll itself guys.

  • I visited the location. Located in a small strip mall of stores.

  • The BEST around !!!

  • I am new in this process and I found one of their employees was highly defensive (Michael), evasive and in general in need of a personality or positive disposition. Is this compassionate care? Why is it he couldn't answer a simple question? I would avoid this kind of compassion at all costs!

  • Don't bother, this place went out of business a long time ago.

  • High quality meds with a good range of prices. edibles. Yum! no medicated lotions, jewelry, glass pieces, and art. Something for everyone with a friendly, helpful staff!

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