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Poplar Bluff is a beautiful small town in Missouri which is known as the Gateway to the Ozarks. While the town might have less than 20,000 residents, there’s plenty to do. Head to the Margaret Harwell Art Museum to find local and traveling exhibits. Head to nearby Old Greenville to see where the historical lumber town once lived. Hydro Adventures is also a great water park to visit for the family. 

While Poplar bluff has plenty to do, it is unfortunately not the most marijuana-friendly city. The only legal form of cannabis is for patients with a valid medical marijuana card, and recreational marijuana has not been decriminalized. The state legalized medical cannabis in 2018, but the program only started in 2020. Luckily for patients in Poplar Bluff, the city does have a dispensary. Unfortunately, the state has not decriminalized cannabis, so those without a valid medical marijuana card should be especially careful.

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