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Established as a mining camp in 1864 in the Rocky Mountains on the Continental Divide, Butte is in Silver Bow County, Montana and grew to become the fifth-largest city in the state. During the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Butte was one of the largest copper boomtowns in the west. This attracted many immigrants to Butte, particularly Irish Americans, which led to this city having the largest number of Irish Americans per capita. Butte has also been home to various historical events in the mining industry and labor unions, most notably the Labor Riot of 1914. Of course, with this city’s historic mining roots, you have to visit the World Museum of Mining. This museum is a re-creation of what life was like during the 1890s when Butte was a mining town. Sitting atop the Continental Divide is Our Lady of the Rockies, a 90-foot statue built in the likeness of Mary. As the fourth largest statue in the U.S, a tour to see Our Lady of the Rockies will be sure to amaze with ridges and valleys for hundreds of miles and dedicated to all women, regardless of religion. 

With Montana legalizing recreational marijuana in the 2020 election, there is still plenty for the state to figure out when it comes to recreational laws, licensing and more. Here’s what we currently know about the weed laws in Butte, Montana: While on January 1, 2021, I-190 went into effect, the main law’s main effect was adults over 21 could legally grow or possess marijuana. Basically, it is still illegal for adult users to buy marijuana in Montana. The state likely won’t start accepting recreational license applications until October 2021, so the earliest a recreational adult user would see the inside of a dispensary in Montana wouldn’t be until 2022. Additionally, I-190 sets the recreational marijuana sales tax at 20%, dividing the funds between the state general fund and for public programs in those localities that allow recreational sales. 

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