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Carson City, Nevada is a beautiful city located on Lake Tahoe and is also the state capital. Although the city itself isn’t huge, there is plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Be sure to visit the State Capitol Building or the Nevada State Railroad Museum for a look into the history of the state and the area. There is also plenty to do around Lake Tahoe, both in the winter and summer. The area offers top-notch skiing and great hiking and camping spots in the summer. There are also plenty of great restaurants and shopping opportunities if that suits you!

A visit to Carson City wouldn’t be complete without heading to one of the several dispensaries nearby, of course. Nevada legalized medicinal marijuana in November 2000, followed by recreational marijuana in November 2016. Although Carson City’s cannabis scene is relatively small compared to Las Vegas, there are still plenty of options to choose from to buy quality flower, concentrates and edibles. Please note that it is illegal to smoke marijuana in public or to drive while high.

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