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Elko Dispensary Reviews

  • This is the most AWESOME dispensary ever. Where can you go and get money off from previous visits plus discounts. I feel at home here. They are always friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I look forward to my next visit every time and not just for the products. Go figure they are literally in my backyard.

  • Solid products and decent prices. I like the staff because they're always friendly. Great location in the middle of everything

  • This was my first visit and nothing could possibly prepare me for the Weed Super Store Planet 13 of Las Vegas.....

  • Talk about knowledge. The lady who helped us knew about everything they had. Never been to a place like this before so it was extremely helpful.

  • Best dispensary in Vegas also the biggest we had a really good bugs in there

  • I really love this place. I highly recommend .the people on the phones are very helpful and I wouldnt go anywhere else

  • Great shop great weed great prices!

  • My experience today was horrible and upsetting after coming here for years, I asked for indica only and the highest percent for the special that was going on,the bud tender went and grabbed my flower and placed it in the bag and sealed it, I was leaving out of the building and noticed that I had flower that was a way different percentage than what I had asked for, I went right back inside and was made to think that they were gonna take care of me, I spoke with the manager who supposedly spoke with his boss and was told that there was nothing that they could do and I could send him an email and express my concerns, the problem is that I was pretty much told by the manager that I am supposed to check before I leave, when I used to come here before I was told that I couldn't open my bag on property or inside, now I was told that you can because the chairs were moved, I also told him that my bag was sealed before I was shown my flower, he was going to take the heat for it and fix my order

  • Awesome

  • Reminded me of Starbucks they should call it highbucks

  • The shorted my curbside order when I naively trusted them and didn't check the bag. I bought a bunch of prerolls and they switched 1 gram rolls with 0.5 gram without telling me. In fact they lied to me, and I was told earlier than one a single preroll couldn't be ordered because it was sold out, before noon. Speaking of selling out, these people ALWAYS overpromise and ALWAYS under deliver, or straight up screw you over. Not once did they have what they said they had. Not once! Forget about the phone, because it never connects you to anymore. Today, Memorial Day, I was dumb enough to give them another chance. I ordered before noon again, and I was given a 4 hour window which I accepted. Now it's 9 pm and I still am waiting. I would've never heard from them had I not sent a message thanking them for wasting my whole day. Now, the driver is lying to the operator, or the operator is lying to me, or both are simply lying and won't put it besides them, but sisterly the driver is complaining

  • Great, They Have A Place You Can Put Your Bike And It Stay's Safe A No Worries Marketplace

  • They stole .5 grams of oil from me and refuse to do anything about it, even after I had spent thousands of dollars at their shop. They don't care about customer service and they stole from me. 0 stars on everything as stealing from a customer is the lowest of the low.

  • Very knowledgeable staff and they have great options!

  • Lousy I cant Order and Have it delivered.

  • This dispensary no longer accepts out-of-state Medical letters. Or maybe they just don't accept California medical letters. Don't waste your time here.

  • Hi, thanks

  • They give you discounts to write good reviews. Nothing but bad experiences here. Dont waste your time there are to many great dispensaries in vegas. Not a good dispensary

  • Great!

  • This was our first time going to Reef near the strip and the service was horrible from the time we walked in the security was rude and budtender was worse very bad energy so we took our money across the street where they appreciated our $1300

  • hey my friend i recommende you come check out here.Asap

  • I was visiting Vegas for Canada and was very impressed with how your dispensary was set up. It was very clean, and your staff were very friendly and helpful. In fact I enjoyed my visit so much I came back instead of trying a different place. Thank you for making me feel comfortable. I will return next time I'm in Vegas...or one of your other locations.

    Tracy T. reviewed MedMen
  • They have great deals and super friendly and knowledgeable staff!

    Kanna Reno
  • Not in business

  • Limited menu

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