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First Time Patients

All first time patients will receive a complimentary preroll or gram of flower. Valid medical card/ recommendations and ID are required. Minimum 50 for delivery.


Verification: Please text or email us a copy of your valid medical card/ recommendation AND ID to (702)-980-4032/ [email protected] Once verified, we will contact you for your order. We welcome out of state...


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    10/10 every time. This is where to get the best service and caring health provider. I love this dispensary. You will too. Promise.
    Reverend Danita

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    BHOSTCO Nug Run Review
    I was really excite when I saw that Dr Smiley picked up some new concentrates and I decided to sample the Storm Trooper OG and Blueberry Haze.
    The StormTrooper is up first and it didn't disappoint, very potent and long lasting, definitely putting some light weights to sleep with this one. Taste was earthy and nice, and smoked very well with full clouds.. Good for days where you have not to leave the house bwhhaha
    Up next is the blue berry haze not as strong hitting as the storm trooper but makes up for it with its super energetic cerebral high, great for pick me up or day out long lasting and taste is fair. Ive been ordering from Dr Smiley exclusively now for almost a year because they always have great meds, very friendly staff and drivers and great delivery times. Thanks guys for always helping this Veteran out... Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.. MrEDD

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    I have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes and had a Diabetic foot ulcer. I started Using the meds(non-phycoactive and psychoactive ). i seen significant healing and when i used the CDB tinc and some of the cartridges. I pay attribute to Dr. Smiley and his service for the speedy and friendly service along with the knowledge, the price and the convenience. Dr. Smiley gets along with my business, me telling patients about them. If you are looking for quality all around they are the best.

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