Springfield Dispensary Reviews

  • Julio is a great guy staff is friendly, polite and informative and is conveniently 10 minutes from my house walking

  • weed?

  • Dr. Steck and his staff were excellent. At first I was nervous about what people might think seeing me walk in, but this is a private building & parking lot, so I felt more at ease. They answered all of my questions and concerns and I was astonished by the wealth of knowledge they had as well as providing me with resources to further assist me in finding the proper strains to choose from. When I registered for the state, I called to ask a question and his staff stayed on the phone while I completed the online registration. Above and beyond they made this feel like nothing more than a routine visit to the doctor. If you are nervous and unsure, this may be the place for you.

  • Good place to Go

  • The bud taste like cemcailes is in it wtf

  • Careful friendly neuropsychiatist who went through criteria quickly and got me my card. He seemed to be more holistic, asked me about other parts of my life and offered good advice.

  • Parking sucks

  • Never been there

  • Julio is a nice guy. He is the owner. However NJ medical marijuana program is nothing like other states. It's very restricted by our governor. Dispensaries are not allowed to advertise or share very much at all about the strains online on their Facebook page or even at the facility. Those that have fliers or any info out for patients to read are subject to fines. You cannot smell the product and even in the parking lot of other dispensaries you must be sitting in passengers seat not drivers when you do. That I understand they don't want you to leave there and drive under influence. This dispensary has high quality strains with as high THCA as 28% (Blueberry which they call G4). They also have a good high CBD strain. All together there are probably a total of 8 strains but probably not always available. There aren't enough dispensaries in the state thanks to our governor so every few months this small dispensary is overloaded with patients from GSD in Woodbridge and hard for the regular

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