Dispensary Reviews in Buffalo, NY

  • I use the Pen a lot and Pharmacannis is Great ... They'll work with me ... Its not Cheap and I know these Pens aren't meant for this so the Coils Burn out ... So Far They're Very Nice and Very Helpful ... I don't use it one Puff at a time since I need it for PAIN and Sleep and Anxiety ... So yes I use it a lot ... Its going to Burn out the Coils before I can finish the Product ... I'm happy with their Customer Service and they're Awesome and Great People ... I can't afford to get the Doses I need so they even gave me a Discount where the other Dispensaries Scam people ... This other Place I went to was Short from calling me names and I was trying to explain it ... I saw they were Nasty DON'T GO TO MEDMEN THEY WERE TERRIBLE AND HUNG UP ON ME ... I'm never going there again ... I went there since the Doctor Recommended the Stronger Dose and I saw their DISPOSABLE PEN WAS A RIP OFF ... The Battery Died on me and there was NO WAY of Recharging it since it Disposable and They Count the Amo

  • Not to good so far please let me know when it may Be available i’m In a lot of pain and they will not approve my 2nd year’s card they say that it is Still pending.

  • It is taking me way to long to get my products I have been without my canabisfor about 6 weeks

  • The phone listed says it is incorrect when I call.

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