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Great Neck is a beautiful region on Long Island in New York that borders Queens and is on the scenic Manhasset Bay. It is known for its proximity to New York City and as a great place for families to live just outside the city. Visitors can find plenty of shops and restaurants, and a visit to the Execution Rocks Lighthouse is worth the drive. 

Unfortunately, like the rest of New York, Great Neck is not the most cannabis-friendly town. Although the state legalized medicinal marijuana in 2014, recreational cannabis remains illegal. Furthermore, New York doesn’t have reciprocity for other states’ medical marijuana cards, meaning that only in-state residents can visit a medical marijuana dispensary in Great Neck. For those with a valid MMJ card, there are a variety of dispensaries in the city to choose from. While cannabis has been decriminalized in the state, marijuana is still illegal and should not be consumed.  

Head to our New York State page for more information on the laws in the state.

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