Canton Dispensary Reviews

  • Be careful how they put your info into their system or they will get you flagged by the state.

  • I went here because The Botanist screwed up when putting my new information into their system therefore creating 2 profiles. The next time that I went to the botanist they wouldn't serve me do to the state flagging me for this. I called Zen Leaf thinking that they had done this because I had registered as a new patient with them online, however, I had not purchased anything from them, so they did not send anything to the state yet. So, it wasn't them. They called me back right away and explained it right away while I was still at the other place waiting. Zen Leaf said that they could still help me, cause they are some smart people....... LOL.... However, The Botanist said there was nothing they could do until the state fixed it. So... I walked right out of their door and headed to the Zen Leaf and I am so happy that I did. They are a bunch of extremely helpful folks, way more than the other place. The other didn't explain anything to me really. I basically found out on my own. They are

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