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Ohio Cannabis Company is a family owned and operated medical marijuana dispensary in Coshocton, Ohio. Here at Ohio Cannabis Company, our primary focus is on patient care, we want to be here to help you every step of the way. When medical...


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    Today was my first visit and it was awesome! Couldn't of asked for better help they took their time to explain things and help pick things that are right for your condition and are very upfront and honest about their products I absolutely loved my very first experience with OCC!

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    This dispensary gets better with each visit as they are getting a wider range of strains and new items. John, Brian, Judy, Cindy, and Bill are all very friendly and helpful with my questions and I appreciate that they offer a deal of the day. I'm excited to see what all they offer in the coming months and hope that all of the Ohio patients give this dispensary a try-you won't be disappointed! Thank you & Kudos to this exceptional establishment! :)

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    Outstanding dispensary...very friendly & professional! Can't recommend this place enough :) Thank you so much!!!!

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