Delivery Reviews in Ontario, ON

  • Great delivery service! Was here in 20 min.

    Yarmatt reviewed IPremo
  • I love paula and most of her crew. And of course Al.

  • Always good deals on good bud. Friendly service.

  • Fantastic friendly service.

  • like to see menu of concentrates available and prices, order in bulk 3 grams at a time, pain , insomnia and appetite

  • Not good.. My first time ordering for my husband.. Steve did not show up with delivery.. Ordered at 5:30pmstill no Steve.. Nit imptessed

  • It was awesome and the quality was awesome,very friendly and helpful staff

  • STAY AWAY, subpar quality, got 3 different oz that all had mold. If you buy make sure to check the bud in sunlight or very bright light to see the mold. They don’t do returns so you will be out of pocket. All the bud they sell looks old and brown most taste like pine trees. 30 year old smoker and was not impressed with the quality or prices. Oh and most of the shatter they sell was made properly so it never gets hard just stays in a oily state even in freezer. Trust me I have been going out to Green Mile for over a year and this is one of the worst dispensaries out there. Staff rude not very knowledgeable on their items. Nothing but garbage from the Totem Pole.

  • Greatest dispensary in Toronto always have the best bud 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The budtenders are always hospitable and kind, I’m just a chick who likes to smoke her bud and they have been nothing short of informative and helpful anytime I’ve come in. Plus the bud is always on point 😙👌🏻💨

  • Awesome place . Always friendly staff.Great hours. Easily found.

    Can M. reviewed Top Shelf
  • Check your product before leaving the store. I asked for Melon Gum and the elderly man gave me very low quality. You know the dark green leafy junk. The guy was smooth. Talking to me about how they are putting a kitchen in hiring a gourmet chef. I left and went down the road n opened it to find that it wasn't what I purchased. I went back n they switched it for me with no hassle. But now my trust is gone and I won't be going back there. Glad there are multiple choices to buy marijuana.

  • A very good selection of buds, a huge variety compared to to other dispenseries.

  • Sucks

  • Awesome experience

  • Absolutely killer quads they know what real quads are for sure . Great service came to my door 2 days after I ordered off them and I got my tracking like an hour agter.

  • Best place I’ve ever shopped online!

  • The vest best dispensary on the mile for flower.. best deals

  • Terrible service, terrible product, on par with the price. They lure you in with the cheapo stuff but when you realize thats not worth smoking all their premium is 20 dollars or more pricier per half than any other dispensary. Dont waste your time.

  • Helpful, educated and friendly employees. Great selection of different products from flowers to edibles to oils and more.

  • hi am so excited to see ALLEVI8 store and i was intrested to be there and i want to be one of the part of that

  • Easy going friendly place! Clean environment, help always, staff are awesome!

  • They’re no longer at this location.

  • I have been going here for a couple months now. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable. I have tried a number of their strains,og kush (s) ,pink kush , og kush (I) ,blueberry lambs bread, gas ,blueberry jam,pg13. The og kush was the highest i paid at $60 a q . But well worth the money . Anything that has been recomended has always been exactly as i was told it was. I find the prices range from good to a little high . But in all fairness ,the quality has been there regardless of the price. An you MUST have a medical marijuana card from a licensed LP or a prescription. You wont get in unless your a legal medical patient.

  • Just a question, are you guys still in business? I have been looking all morning and most places aren't even there any far i am finding weedmaps useless lol. If you are still open, is the number provided here still active and the one to call? Thanks.

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