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ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ON BestBudsWindsor.ca Visit BestBudsWindsor.ca to place your order. Once order is placed we will call you to confirm your order. Please provide the best number you can be reached at. Terms and...



​BESTBUDSWINDSOR.ca strives to provide superb professionalism and outstanding customer service. By doing so, Our competitive prices provides you with the best rates without ever sacrificing quality or service. Our Services include BUT...


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    I've ordered from Best Buds in Windsor a few times now. By far the best dispensary in Windsor. First of all each strain ive tried has been top notch quality and I'm not exaggerating. Everything looks great. I've ordered from other dispensaries that have provided an okay product now and than but it was never consistently good. Secondly, they are fast with delivery and excellent customer service.....they'll offer ideas and promotions/coupons. I cant recommend this place enough and I'll be a customer for awhile.

    Really happy with my order today!!!

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    Great buds and fast delivery , will be ordering again ! 10/10

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    Definitely worth it, best buds in the city! 10/10

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