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Bend, Oregon is an outdoor paradise, surrounded by gorgeous mountains with snow-covered peaks, bright blue rivers that flow through town, and thousands of acres of national and state parks and forests. Bend is known as an adventure hub, with hiking, camping, kayaking, mountaineering, and skiing all close by. The city itself is picturesque and woodsy, a perfect balance of small-town and high-energy culture. Home to the nationally renowned Deschutes Brewing Co. and dozens of other local brewers, cideries, and distilleries, there’s no end to the good times and outstanding outdoor patios. Good food, great beer, unforgettable adventure, and outstanding weed are all guaranteed in Bend. 

In November 2014, Oregon was one of the first four states to legalize recreational marijuana. In addition to having an active marijuana scene, Oregon is also known for having the strictest cannabis testing laws worldwide, resulting in some of the cleanest, most organic weed available. Bend has benefitted from this, with dozens of superb dispensaries throughout town that are generally open between the hours of 8 AM and 10 PM. It is important to note that while marijuana delivery is legal and weed is openly available to those 21 and older, it is still illegal to consume marijuana in public or drive under the influence. Additionally, smoking in national and state parks or forests is strictly prohibited.

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