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Frequent questions about marijuana in Bend, OR

  • Can I grow my own marijuana in Bend, Oregon?
    Yes, it is legal to grow marijuana in your home. For recreational purposes, you can grow up to four plants per residence. If you are growing medical marijuana at your own residence, you can have up to 12 mature plants.
  • How much marijuana am I legally allowed to possess in Bend?
    If you are of legal age and in a public area, you are allowed to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, one ounce of concentrates, 16 ounces of edibles, 72 ounces of cannabis products in liquid form, 10 seeds, and four cannabis plants. If you are in a private residence, you can have all of the above but up to eight ounces of marijuana.
  • How old do I have to be to purchase marijuana?
    Adults 21 and older with a valid ID card can purchase cannabis and cannabis products at any local recreational dispensary. If you are 18 and have a doctor's recommendation, you can purchase marijuana at either a recreational or medical dispensary.
  • Where am I allowed to smoke marijuana in Bend?
    The rules are pretty simple here; you are allowed to smoke, vape, or take edibles in private areas only. You cannot smoke in public places such as cars, dispensaries, parks or bars.

Dispensary Reviews in Bend, OR

  • This place is wonderful. The people are very helpful

  • My new favorite in Albany and Corvallis. They have a different selection and specials than the Corvallis store which is rad. Honestly, feels like prices might be a little lower at the Albany dispensary.

  • Awesome dispensary! Feels like you're chillin at a friend's living room waiting on the man Haha! This is the man but he's got better prices and a whole lot more to pick from.

  • Love this place! Always check here before anywhere. Great people, great prices, great product. Sometimes there is a line... Dont get scared lol its worth waiting. Like any place sometimes they get low on stuff too :)

  • This delivery agency is probably the best place to order your stuff...They have many ways of payment without you even stepping a step outside ;btc,gift card etc which really worked well for me.I'm Anne and i'm disable age 58,it derserve a 5 star range

  • Ummmm... what???? I contacted her for delivery to Beaverton. I only asked for Indica flower and she gave me 1 price point. When it was way beyond what I was expecting, and I said I’d prefer to shop at a local dispensary, I received... “THEN FUCK OFF” When she asked why I was ‘bothering’ her, I replied that she has no website or menu with prices. Had I known, I would not have contacted her. When I replied that I didn’t know the price/value, she didn’t understand the principal of ‘value’ and questioned me regarding what I meant by value... without ever receiving her Indica strain or specs. I apologized that I was not aware of her prices and that I would save her contact for the future. To which she replied “Go to the dispensary and stop disturbing”. 👎👎👎

    Jacky lee
  • JacKY is with no doubt the best...I recommande 5 stars

    Jacky lee
  • When the owner is there, Greg, it is a great place to shop, plus they give vets 20% off. His staff can be rude when he is not in. Fridays are best for flower seekers.

  • Beaver Bowls is a an OG dispensary in Corvallis. You will find no better combo of dank herb at a solid price being presented by some of the brightest staff in the business.

  • pot, weed, cannabis, marijuana, call it what you will, this new Albany dispensary has the best flower in town with the best price to boot!

  • dispensary near me with the best prices for quality marijuana in town. How could you lose?!

  • Always quality flower, helpful bud tenders Best prices anywhere. Favorite dispensary. Never worry about getting poor quality Cannabis here.

  • Hands down best dispensary in Oregon, maybe even the entire west coast! The selection was so huge! So much to take in —

  • This place is a gem! Best dispensary ever! Very low prices for very high quality!!!

  • As a medical patient, I have a large tolerance and the very educated bud tenders at the T.E.R.P. Collective took the time to help me find just the right medicine. thank you T.E.R.P. for the awesome recommendations of products and strains! So happy with my experience here. I will be back!

  • Very friendly staff is very professional

  • Very good, tenders were knowledgeable. I will stop by when I get a chance to cruise 101 again. Prerolls were well worth the cost. Great Job.

  • Really like the service you get there and the staff is very helpful

  • How to collect weed from here

  • Delivery?

  • He always has a variety that is all top shelf product!

  • Near 5 star all around. Very clean. Very good and friendly service. High quality product and supplies. Veteran friendly is a big plus. Good variety to choose from.

  • I love it here!! Great employees and good solid deals.... I'm a fan!!!

  • Great weed!

  • Shopped here a few times and I loved it! The staff greets everyone, young and old, like a friend. I never felt foolish asking questions and learned a few things. Wonderful place that I would recommend to anyone!

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