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One of the two cities that make up Oregon’s Bay Area, Coos Bay is a picturesque seaside town surrounded by endless beauty. Like most cities in Oregon, Coos Bay places great pride in its immediate relationship with nature – along with coastal access to the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles of wooded hill land is set to the east. Scenic rocky bluffs over the ocean make for incredible sunset memories, boating tours and deep-sea fishing excursions make for great day-trips, and woodland trails are open all four seasons in the surrounding forests. Fresh seafood, bustling boardwalks, eclectic small-town shops and microbreweries, and direct access to the stunning Elliott State Forest make Coos Bay an incredible place to stay or visit. 

Along with natural beauty, Oregon is known for its marijuana. The state legalized recreational weed in 2014 and is known for having one of the strictest testing laws and quality standards in the United States. Coos Bay is home to a large handful of dispensaries, all serving some of Oregon’s highest-quality weed. While store hours do vary a wide degree, most Coos Bay dispensaries are generally open between 9 AM and 9 PM, and nearby North Bend (the other half of Oregon’s Bay Area) also has a collection of dispensaries with similar hours. While marijuana delivery is legal in Oregon, there are not many options to choose from in Coos Bay – fortunately, there are enough dispensaries throughout the city that you won’t have to go far to make your purchase. Please also note that, while marijuana is easily available, it is prohibited to smoke on public land (including state parks and forests) and it is illegal to smoke and drive under any circumstances.

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