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Klamath Falls is a beautiful city in southern Oregon located on Upper Klamath Lake. This historic town is known for its roots in the pioneer days and it has all the charm you could want. Head to the Favell Museum for more information on the history of the town or to the Baldwin Hotel Museum to see what it would have been like to visit in the 1900s. There are also plenty of outdoorsy things to do in town, with Moore Park hosting trails and open space along the lake. Klamath Falls is also quite close to the iconic Crater Lake, and you won’t want to miss it.

The cannabis scene in Klamath Falls is quite large for being in a small town, and it is certainly worth a trip to one of the dispensaries in town. The state of Oregon legalized adult-use marijuana in 2014 after legalizing medical marijuana back in 1998. Each dispensary in town offers high-quality flower, edibles, and concentrates. Even though cannabis is readily available to anyone over 21, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public or drive under the influence. Furthermore, smoking cannabis in national and state parks or forests is highly illegal.

Check out the Oregon state page for more information on the state laws and regulations.

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