Butler Dispensary Reviews

  • I was given the wrong product, but did not discover it until the following morning. It clearly states on the bottom of my receipt that "Returns or exchanges are subject to dispensary approval within 30 days in original packaging and labeling>" When I called in to the dispensary (Butler Location), I was told that I would be given a discount. That discount turned out to be only 10 dollars on top of the discount I already get for being a veteran. Even though I have a screenshot of my online order and the incorrect receipt, they expect me to pay additional money to get the correct product, even though THEY are the ones that made the mistake. Emily tried to tell me that since this was medicinal in nature, and the Strict laws in PA, they could not exchange them. That's fine, I understand that. But why am I expected to pay for THEIR mistake. If this had happened with a regular pharmacy and was given the wrong product, I expect that pharmacy would bend over backwards to make it ri

  • I go to the C&Y dispensary when I go to the Butler VA at times , only issue I have is cost compared to street strains , extremely high . The service is nice , knowledgeable, but I’d rather have edibles then a pill, oil or buds . I quit smoking for a reason to have to turn around and vape to get pain relief, the lotion works extremely well especially with arthritis or joint pain.

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