Lancaster Dispensary Reviews

  • Awesome Budtenders.

  • I've been going to Washington Dispensary for the last 10 months. I Like the budtenders, employees are all very helpful, and easy to talk to. The prices seem to be climbing, the quality of some suppliers isn't worth the money you pay. Other wise I will continue to use them.

  • Very convenient, and the staff wer very pleasant

  • My first experience at Vytal Options was wonderful! The staff is extremely helpful and eager to help patients. Much better parking lot than Harvest in Harrisburg, easy to find, good selection. Love the 20% off for first time patients!

  • Rise Erie has the most respectful and knowledgeable pharmacist's. I love Rise Erie!

  • They sell defective cartridges. Tell patien “All sales are final” and it’s up to the customer to call Ilera Healthcare themselves regarding exchanges. When Ilera rep filed all paperwork and submitted it to Justice Grown, no the the useless pharmacist and the pea brain manage use every excuse in the book to not exchange necessary medication when the customer does what they say and Ilera tells them to accept the exchange. That’s bad business to take peoples money, sell defective product then hide behind locked doors and security to do absolutely nothing but make lies and excuses. It’s the business choice why they’re not accepting refunds which is far from how a dispensary operates. Call any dispensary and they tell you they’ll gladly exchange it. Yet for Justice Grown, they make up lies that it’s “State Regulations” which It’s not. No business has any business selling patients medication, then leave them high and dry when

  • Helpful understanding

  • Great experience, Love the crew

  • Great place best in the city

  • The people were very pleasant and helpful. Their knowledge was very helpful, with being my first and not knowing much about the product.

  • Friendly service

  • Knowledgeable staff super friendly helpful & decent prices

  • First time there. Showed up on a Sun morning easy paperwork good quality choices of concentrate but no flower

  • Very sterol like a hospital

  • The MALVERN LOCATION. They are all about the $. You never get what you pay for. The service sucks!! And you have some racist employees that work security. I would never go there again. The sad thing is that I put up with it out of convenience. Now I am moving on to KEYSTONE DISPENSARY in Devon. Selections are are better too.

  • I love it here they are the best customer service if i need help they explain whats the right dry leaf for me. I love it.

  • Professional, safe and secure, knowledgeable and friendly, price is competitive with others in the area and by product, good selection, overall positive experience, definitely recommend!

  • Best dispensary in Pittsburgh ! The atmosphere is perfect and the staff is knowledgeable, professional and great people ! Product and price are the best here !

  • Fantastic Experience All Around Knowledgeable & friendly staff, prices a bit high but ALL dispensary’s have comparable pricing depending upon what medications you are looking for. Would like to see a daily or weekly special pricing events too in the future but until then, CURE is a safely & well lit location that’s worth the 19 mile drive I must make whenever I have to get a refill. Keep up the great work everyone & Thank-You. Kindly, David B.

  • Outside staff, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, normally has good select of products although prices are a bit higher for some items at competitor locations but overall this is an outstanding place to get your medication and feel safe due to its location. I’ll be back soon!

  • Terrific people, knowledgeable and friendly staff, safe environment, a bit pricey but with the bonus programs, it helps in the long run with pricing, and that goes for all dispensary’s. Robby was terrific and helpful, made a first timers uncomfortableness go away in seconds of speaking with him. Thanks for your service, will definitely come back here!

  • @jamesbuds can I get info

    James buds
    Kush reviewed James buds
  • Budtenders are great but I'm not happy with the points hassle. 3 times now the budtenders have forgotten to add my points and calling the store is useless, they don't answer the phone or voice mails so you have to drive back to the store to get it corrected. I'm done because of the lack of caring by RISE. Just to qualify I spent $700+ there my 1st month with my card.

  • I went here two years in a row and Ron is a good person he will help you out I recommend him to anybody

  • Very happy

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