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Dispensary Reviews in Monroeville, PA

  • Great Place!!! best products best prices purest meds please don't tell too many people about this place.

  • My first year I had a great experience with obtaining my medical card. The process had gone smoothly but I had gone to a different location. This is my second year and this loca has given me nothing but heartaches. Very unprofessional. I had received a large bill for my blood work and the manager had told me to take care of it when they did not put in the proper diagnosis codes. When I need to renew my card, I will not be going back to this place. They do not know what they are doing.

  • I was given the wrong product, but did not discover it until the following morning. It clearly states on the bottom of my receipt that "Returns or exchanges are subject to dispensary approval within 30 days in original packaging and labeling>" When I called in to the dispensary (Butler Location), I was told that I would be given a discount. That discount turned out to be only 10 dollars on top of the discount I already get for being a veteran. Even though I have a screenshot of my online order and the incorrect receipt, they expect me to pay additional money to get the correct product, even though THEY are the ones that made the mistake. Emily tried to tell me that since this was medicinal in nature, and the Strict laws in PA, they could not exchange them. That's fine, I understand that. But why am I expected to pay for THEIR mistake. If this had happened with a regular pharmacy and was given the wrong product, I expect that pharmacy would bend over backwards to make it ri

  • Great people work there, fun to deal with. They're very good at moving people forward as well. If you go, don't forget to ask about their points program and they also give a 10% discount to veterans.

  • I love this place

  • Got ripped off. Aug 30th 2019, Beware. He will ask you for cash upfront and not deliver. SCAM!!!

  • If you're desperate and broke this may be the right doctor for you. Otherwise beware. There is a reason this office is far cheaper than any other...they are shady and incompetent. I visited their Allentown, PA location for my initial visit. I was approved no problem (I had a letter of referral from my migraine specialist detailing my issues and the medications I had failed in the past) in fact they barely asked me anything before approving me (suspicious as well). BUT after this they took me to a "backroom" to do a blood test and I nearly ran at the sight of this room! No joke, the room they took me into was dirty, cluttered, and simply had one children's school desk in the middle which is where they had me sit to take my blood. I'm lucky my arm didn't get infected because the room we were in was pretty much as far from a sterile doctor's office you could get without literally being in an abandoned warehouse. They told me I could do all my follow-up visits over the phone but

  • HyTec Medical is NOT Medical,. They have NO Medical person working for them, only "rent a doctors" who refuse to see patients and discuss side effects contraindications and complete diagnoses. They rent unsanitary rooms, draw quarterly blood and urine, charge thousands of dollars and have their laboratory send threatening letters. CHECK BBB and other reviews in PA and other states. BEWARE, STAY AWAY!

  • This office is absolutely wonderful. Very friendly, compassionate and caring. Have recommended to many people.

  • Absolutely Fantastic experience!! I was nervous as this was my first time visiting a dispensary. The staff was excellent from entering to existing. My consultant spent about 1/2 with me explaining all of the different products and applications available for my condition. I wish I would have gone sooner!

  • Lovely

  • Everyone of the employees are so wonderful and friendly. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I have enjoyed myself there on several occasions. The bowls of candy bars are the best.

  • Amazing they really walked me through and explained all the different kind of products they have avail

  • Incredible helpful staff. Very knowledgeable and friendly. My go to shop in the area. They have great weekly deals.

  • i love this dispensary. the staff is knowledgeable, and they make you feel special. i'll go back there

  • I go to the C&Y dispensary when I go to the Butler VA at times , only issue I have is cost compared to street strains , extremely high . The service is nice , knowledgeable, but I’d rather have edibles then a pill, oil or buds . I quit smoking for a reason to have to turn around and vape to get pain relief, the lotion works extremely well especially with arthritis or joint pain.

  • Still not open

  • I couldn't wait until this dispensary opened, as I have been going to Harrisburg for my MedMJ needs. From the moment I walked in the door, the atmosphere and staff were pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Knox. They have a great variety, that I was told is increasing, and their prices are a little less than where I was going.

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