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CannLocate seeks to empower patients by helping them locate and select the best medical marijuana solution. We offer a wide range of locally-produced medications including flower, medibles, extracts, and vapes at different, scale-able dosage levels to ensure that you find your ideal regimen.

Medical Marijuana is nothing short of a miracle with the potency and power to treat a myriad of symptoms and even cure illnesses. This elegance also comes with the challenge of finding the correct dose, phenotype, and delivery method for you. It is not one-size-fits-all solution.

CannLocate proudly serves Eastern Massachusetts including Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Western Suburbs such as (Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Wayland), Cambridge, & Worcester.

Chapter 369 compliant *NEW PATIENTS MUST HAVE A VALID STATE ISSUED MA DPH MMJ CARD & A GOVERNMENT ID. We provide a convenient, affordable (donation for grow supplies), discreet, and safe in-home service for qualified patients to access cannabis medicines in accordance with the recommendation of their physician and by the strict guidelines of Section 2(J) of the MA MML

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  • Friendly service, fast delivery, top notch quality :) thanks for welcoming us to the city!

  • Do you need a med card to get this and what do they charge


  • Great staff! Compassionate and easy process. Great clinic rates.

  • This dude is a jackass. Doesn't show

    RI Medibles
  • Fer Now.

  • Quality is terrible and bottom of the line, on top of that Manny is extremely immature and talks about "haters" Flower is awful and not trimmed properly, its not worth more than 100 an oz. Medibles were terrible and probably had no THC. Like others said avoid this place and never do business with Manny, it amateur hour over there and basically a scam.

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