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    Descent place
    Stopped by the other night on my way out with some friends. I got 2 free joints that were descent and I grabbed up some Karupt Kush which was really tasty and smoked really well. The bud tenders were really friendly and they had a descent selection of strains. The location is a bit small and the area at night seems a bit sketch but it's not too awful.

    I usually don't go to places that don't list their menu out at all so this was a first for me. They just happened to be the closest place around but common guys how hard is it to update your menu and prices for people?

    May go back if they update their info, if not i'll find another place that takes the time to cater to their patients better.

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    Bump into them
    Was in a hurry and it was the closest one around, and for lack of a better word, it was satisfiable; so what does that mean? Well it does it's job, you want some Hybrids they have some Hybrids you need Sativa they have it. Overall an acceptable place with very affordable prices.
    Nothing fancy its just what you need, a casual place with quality goods.

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    hard try
    Well I guess they do have some nice decent meds and the place doesn't look half that bad but their prices are a lil over my normal budget.

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