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  • Heady Club always looks out and keeps the gas consistent and potent. 💪🏽💫🍃

  • This was my first time doing anything like this, and they made it easy. I am pleased with the quality, and the service. And the delivery guy was legit too. Thank you so much, I will def be coming back.

  • Best I’ve seen

  • Top notch flower & service in D.C. No need to search any other delivery service

  • I was visiting DC for business and was recommended this service by a friend. They were fast, professional, courteous, and the product (GG4) was amazing.

  • These guys are the BEST. You know you're getting high quality stuff.

  • Real quality products from people who care about every patients order. Always on top of everything.10/10 recommend.

  • Delivered half of what I paid for. When I pointed that out, no response initially. Next day offered a replacement. Like they can be trusted!

  • These guys don't pick up or respond for shit. Good luck tryna order anything or even get a response from them. They say open 24/7, but it's more like "when they feel like it". Sucks would of been nice to try these strains.

  • where else can you legally get your bud delivered to you at 1 30 am in the morning ?? Bud is top notch too...delivery fee after midnight is a lil steep but worth every penny once I opened my package and after considering they are the only ones open. Keep it up guys

  • The first 2 trips I was very please but this 3rd trip I made today I don't know if they made a mistake but I ordered the same stuff I got the 2nd trip and liked it so much I ordered more of the same the 3rd time around and got a less grade stuff so let's see if they make it right

  • i swear you guys never disappoint me. Loving the free surprise gift .

  • Good customer service although the quality of flower was not on par....like I got the bottom of the barrel and it was grown improperly..... very very shaky.....

  • Yooooo Bruce banner is some🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻😜😁✊🏻😊LOVE THE NUG SIZE STRAIGHT FUEGOOOO MY FRIEND always on point always able to meet even with rush hour... thanks again

  • Outstanding service today from HYFE, all the way from order placement all the way to getting it in my hand. Kept me updated with the schedule and ETA of the driver without being asked or prompted which is very assuring if and when you're traveling in from out of town. The driver was on-time and was patient even with the parking situation on that side of town! The flower itself is super strong! I got cereal milk and it matches the picture exactly which is one of the rarities on this website. Trust these guys for quick, professional service and amazing flower quality!

  • Just want to thank i believe his name was rory for going above and beyond today to help me get my order right. I was shorted and 1/8 and you all made it right! 10/10 Will only donate to you all again!

  • Product was okay. The flowers that I ordered was bone dry.

  • These guys are the best. They’ve got good selection, great product, and friendly drivers. Oh, and don’t forget the free socks! I’ve tried lots of other places, but there’s nobody that beats Cannabear.

  • LOL They were closed yesterday (9.18), bud. Naming another service is a shady move, and it honestly makes 420Roadside look suspect. The first 2 times I used High End, the driver arrived at my place within 20-30 minutes with TOP-SHELF quality. Today was their slowest day, and it was less than an hour. They arrived at the exact minute of their ETA - no exaggeration. This place is BY FAR the best service I have found. Accurate pictures of top shelf flowers at the best price. Using other services, you will regularly pay 180+ for flowers that are nowhere near this quality. Other services, you will browse the pictures and be disappointed when the product looks nothing like the picture. Almost every other service takes longer to send a confirmation message in the amount of time it takes to complete the whole process with High End. Don't waste your time and money anywhere else... seriously.

  • This company truly cares for their patients, they have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and answered all the questions I had. They were super speedy in response and delivery time too. Thankyou "District Releaf", you yourselves a new regular

  • First time customer. Until now I've always got my flower from Rose's. I got 2 orders of purple runtz, and some edibles. Flower is amazing funky and tasty. They even homered an expired deal on the edibles. Which are some of the best I've had might I say. Driver was on point and kept me updated. Def deserved the tip wish it could have been more. My go to from now on in dc.

  • Havent go to try everything just yet but have opened smelled and admired.... First time customer here. Always went thru DC dab club for my concentrate..... never again will I go thru another. Quality is top notch price is unmatched. Drivers on time. Order Perfect with capital P. The only downside which honestly wasnt a downside was communication. Was very bare bones but also I had no questions and best them to the selfie I'd pics. Other than that it quiet. Again wasnt that bad of a thing come thru on point.

  • I received some lovely flower from these nice folks and it is Smokey the Bear approved! 👌

  • I would give them a 2.5 out of 5 because only half my last order was quality. The khalifa kush was great. But for you to say the other tree you gave me was sour diesel, it’s a big let down because the tree was Reggie quality. Sticks and seeds, no diesel smell at ALL, and the high was a sleepy headache! It was my first time ordering from this group and I won’t be returning. Great prices but a 50/50 gamble on where or not the tree is quality. The company was nice and easy to work with and the driver was very nice as well but that can’t undo how bad the “sour diesel” was, .

  • The Nature's Nectar vape carts are out of this world! Stronger than I thought but that's fine with me! I will not go anywhere else for carts or oil. Highly recommend.

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