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  • Amazing service n quality

  • Company made my process real smooth they have great service highly recommend!!

  • Trash ass CbD and MiD!

  • I LOOOOOOVE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE LEGIT WE WILL WAIT UNTIL THEY OPEN. They’re always communicative and prompt! They call and confirm just in case you’ve made a mistake

  • Still the best around. First and always,.

    jackzg reviewed HMDC
  • Amazing flower and delivery is by far the quickest! Their representatives are respectful and easy to talk to. Pricing is also great! Absolutely loved the Cookie Dough and Gramma Cookies! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for quality medicine and service in the DMV area.

    King Cush
  • Kay is always super helpful, great customer service and great weed!

  • And I only order from WhereWeed App. I’ve ordered from numerous vendors!!!!! This place Spinning me man. Bad Customer Service. Bad. Bad. Bad. Driver made me wait 2 hours to say they wasn’t coming to the delivery address. When I called to get an accommodation to a new location this is what I was Sent; LIEESSSSS, and LAZY! “”We’ve decided we aren’t going to continue with your order because of the disrespect and threat of a bad review for something out of our control. We’re still adjusting to everything and hope you find what you’re looking elsewhere.

  • Select-Coop is my new go to. Always quick service and delivery.

  • The best of all.

  • Wish i would have found Palm Trees sooner! After trying multiple delivery services I can honestly say i have found the one. Unmatched quality and fast delivery. Look no further

  • Great quality A++++ I will purchase again most def!

  • Great bud and fast service!

  • Cannot trust this business

  • Terrible weed, lots of SEEDS THE WEED IS NOT GOOD

  • Terrible weed, lots of seeds

  • These guys prob have the best customer service/communication on this website. They are top notch. Dont fuck with a strain or its not to your expectation?, hit them up and they will work something out. Honestly the first time experiencing a weed company whos this efficient with customer service, dude even remembers my name lol, thats pretty cool. I always always fuck with there premium section, esp when they freshly re-stock, i get that shit asap. Cant beat platinum/widow/glue kiss for 240!(delivery fee included)

  • You get exactly what you pay for! Bud is always what they say it is, love the menu choices they have, and if you want to save money they always have shake for cheap.

  • There is no better service in the DC area than District Connect. They have top quality products and service to match. The pricing is the best in the city too. Could not recommend them for highly

  • These guys are the best. Fed Reserve is my go to when I'm in the District. Their customer service is second to none. The driver is on time, and the Flower never disappoints in quality or quantity.

  • cant understand these bad reviews. my favorite place hands down. super cool guys running the place. awesome carts and flower 💚 i recommend the west coast carts and gruntz

    How High
  • This is the only company that sells legitimate bud on here. The name of the strains is always accurate with what flower I get

    Davo32 reviewed Cloud9
  • Great service...this is my second time with u guyz the 1st time i ordered they left out my per roll..but this time they put it in and it waz awesome...REAL ZAZA 🤘😈💯

  • Very helpful friendly customer service, speedy delivery, quality products! Very happy with District Releaf.

  • I want to take the time and write a special review. I’ve tried MANY services blueberry and until now never have tasted it in the states. My wife and I travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands at least twice a year. I actually KNOW the guys that created Blueberry OG. They own and run Noon Cafe on Zieseniskade 22, 1017 RT, Amsterdam. This little coffee shop has the best price for Blueberry OG obviously being the originators. BTW if you ever get to Noon Cafe yourself, the honey hash is the cheapest priced and best quality hash in the Netherlands. Anyway I digress, what I got from Elevate was Med Quality REAL Blueberry and it was one of their less expensive strains. I will say I called spoke and spoke with TJ who advised me that both the blueberry and purple punch were extremely popular and never got a complaint. I got a 1/2 of each and both are AS PICTURED and promised. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Top scores all around. I will be getting more Blueberry. Ohhh one other note, in the

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