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  • Reefer Express is great I use them regularly for my needs. Great product, Great prices!!!

  • Best price in the area, not to mention a great selection. Will definitely shop again!! Thank You!!

  • Very good business and great people love is love

  • Driver was on time the flower is FIRE. They also threw me a few extra prerolls and a free bowl. Ill definitely be coming back!

  • I just wanna say how great the guys over Bud Vibez are for the great communication and speedy delivery of my order on 7/10/2020 the quality of the strain and price were both impressive, will definitely cop from them soon!!

  • Ordered the lemon haze I knew y’all was doing for the low but thought I’d at least get high off it but nope just left with a sour taste in my mouth, if I could Return to get my money back I’d do it frfr. Sure your other stuff better but that wasn’t it.

  • I went to DC for fourth of July. We ordered from DC Finest got some edibles and some hybrid it was great. No complaints great experience all around.

    Sami A. reviewed DCFINEST
  • tried to order today and again they act like they don't know you this place is shady and should be checked

  • Great experience with GG. Good quality! Always get what you ordered. Delivery was punctual. Will always use Green Gorilla!

  • Great Service and Great Product

  • I can definitely see this place as being a hit or miss compared to other substandard companies ive been to in d.c. i always place my order at least 3-4 hours in advance due to traffic and the fact that im coming from the borders of d.c. the day i ordered from them i had to pick up another order from a different company just trying things out. i call to confirm thinking everything will be on time...nope. the communication was A1, somebody always answered and if there were any changes they would let me know....but after a while (1.5 hours after the designated pick up time) even after i picked up from the other company I was about to leave because it was getting dark and i had been in the city longer than i needed to be. they hit me with the "the driver will be there in 10 mins" 15 mins later "the driver will be there in 10 mins" i was like if they tell me that one more time im definitely leaving. so the driver gets there and its almost like hes mad at me for waiti

  • Wish I could leave a picture to show these beautiful trichomes off

  • Ordered blue burst and jack, unfortunately the blue burst pod had a giant crack in it with oil all around it, I sent them pictures and they said They’d be able to replace it! They have great communication, Would highly highly recommend getting the blue burst stiiizys, they smell incredible and with the little bit of oil I could take out of broken cart And that I dabbed, also taste pretty good. Can’t wait to actually hit the working blue burst pod tho! Would def get sativas stiiizy from them, they always do there job,especially since it’s from the old batch of stiiizy which oil is a bit more stronger than the 2020 batches. They also said there gonna be getting live resin and live terpenes carts,so that’s gonna be dope.

  • The bud is not what the name say ever. This is some street dirt with fake bags . They need to be robbed tbh

  • Update review, I ended up getting the London cake and everything worked out. It was a nice head high. I got a gummy edible and split it. I was definitely on the couch at the end of the night. I recommended getting the higher end strains.

    Deja Vu
    fconteh1 reviewed Deja Vu
  • This is the worst place to buy from, hit the back button and find any other dispensary for your own sake. The main number stopped answering calls before they closed and I had a huge order that was never confirmed. We waited for over two hours for any kind of response in a gas station parking lot. They claim to have a two hour window but only after 2 hours already passed and they were hitting their limit. They have horrible customer communication and are extremely rude and unapologetic for any kind of anything. The driver really had nothing to do with this it was definitely the main person taking orders. Do. Not. Order. From. Here.

    Erb reviewed Cloud9
  • The "BEST" place in DC to shop for trees.Very professional AB ,AB ,AB, u guys are the "BEST" 👍👍👍😬😬😬

  • Very quick and efficient service. Great carts and got a dope deal that left me really satisfied with my purchase. Will definitely be going back to them anytime I need cannabis. I referred them to several of my friends moving to D.C in the coming months.

  • Great quality bud! Maybe not the cheapest in DC but definitely worth the money for top notch communication and gifts.

  • Quickest, easiest order ive ever made on here. No nonsense, quick communication. All you can ask for pretty much. Well except for the gifts, which seem right on!!!! Yup

  • Terrible service. Had me waiting 1:45 minutes in front of a store... kept saying the driver is on the way. The bud pictures do not look close to what they are advertising. Go to another place and save money

    How High
    Nick F. reviewed How High
  • They blocked my review but yea don’t buy from them, they shorted me 3 grams to because I left an honest review seriously WTF???

  • Thank you for the very down to earth customer service that was followed by your beautiful white runts for such a reasonable price ;I don’t want to pass before staying that I love your driver’s punctuality His timing ; pleas keep the great Work harmony between ya’ll that way we keep getting this amazing delivery service for our city,, thank you once again!!!

  • I love ordering from here. It is the only place where if something is not right or what you expected, they help make it right! Also! Best carts I have found in a long long time. Great damn prices too. Great delivery time frame and super professional staff!!

  • Exotics flower is some of the best I’ve ever smoked. Love the Jet Fuel Gelato, Thunder cookies, and just got pink lemonade and it’s great. Highly recommend if you are looking for something really nice

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