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  • Carts are potent! Drivers are always on time. Online payment is easy and convenient. 5 stars all around!

  • Got my plug❤

  • It was great they are very knowledgeable and the product was fantastic! Delivery was a bit delayed but that’s DC traffic for ya!

  • 😒😒👿 greed

  • Yea they got real stash but after you donate a couple times watch ya back they holler seasonal change etc it's all bullshit we have donated a shit load and after being told "we got your back" they don't at all ...spending over 500 600 and last month 900 go to order the same shit this month but worse looking bud and now being told a zip less for even more fuck it ain't worth the drive to have people stab you in the back wtf did we ever do to y'all except gift you cash to keep up the good work then turn around to be shitted on seems like every company does this shit to us where's the real people at now??????? Sick of being taken advantage of I will never donate again y'all go ahead n enjoy the tease it only gets worse and worse and the enail is not magical as they say doesn't do anything at all except make you cough big woo I'm done with this company there is no respect for the customers who go out if their way to support and even get charged delivery last time tired of the run

  • I love the garden the have awesome STRAINS , quality,excellent customer service and great prices

  • been going to area 71 every 2 weeks and everytime I go they always give out goodies and are very professional

  • Jessica was so easy to place an order with! The delivery was quick and efficient and the driver was super nice. You get what you pay for people. This is the best quality you can get in DC, and it is worth every Penney. Don’t waste your time with bogus carts from other places. The Pineapple Express and gelato were mind numbing and so potent. Thank you guys for coming through for me at the last minute.

  • Amazing service

  • Dope shop. That gelato 33 is banging they were on time also. Very reliable service

  • I'm writing a longer review. A quite mouth does not gain knowledge. When I spoke to the business I asked many questions regarding the menu. They provided honest responses. I asked other questions and that's called doing business. The shop does a good business, but a business is only as good as a person can help it establish itself to be. For example they have top shelf strains. If you want top shelf you have to be interested in donating a larger amount. These are some of the best indoor flowers I've had. I wish people would give them a break. I recently tried the sherbet. Man it was delicious. Decent sized nugs. moist nugs dense and I do mean dense! The flavor intact. These guys don't really need to go on about thc you donate a large amount you won't disappointed. The shop provided gifts even when I was late. They do a really good job at excellent customer service also coming back for more

  • Always great selection, top quality flower and speedy delivery. Top notch all the way. And their hours are unmatched!! #SMKNandFLTN

  • these guys sell shwag and take forever on deliveries

  • I’m back again writing a great review that they deserve cause they are the best!!! Second time ordering from them and I’m highly satisfied again! I’m soooooooooo glad I found this business!!!

  • I have tried from this place a few time and have gotten no response and my order canceled. Very disappointed

  • 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Literally lied about mixing strains then charged me for super exotic. I tried to apply the deal and he said it was ok then went and reneged

  • Did delivery on Sunday communication was phenomenal. They we're on time and responsive. Made process easy 👍. Go for it was like ordering from Amazon!

  • Always FRESH whole flowers. From order to deliver, communication is consistent. I’ve never been disappointed with #Hi-LifeDC!

  • Silly bees llc. Should be getting 100% the best flower, and vape I've had and I don't plan on going to anyone else. Check them out customer service is second to none I haven't been close to disappointed by them🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  • Terrible service. Slow. Not responsive. Honestly it’s like they don’t even want to do business.

  • They keep erasing my review but they still are the worse company on here total rip off!

  • Don’t buy. Beware you will get ripped off

  • Worst bud ever. And they charge 20 delivery. Check your bag before you give them money. This place is a ripoff

  • I have had the opportunity to use these guys on 2 separate occasions. Both times I could not have asked for a better experience. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service can’t be beat. And the gifts are always on point! This is my go to company for the best gifts, and all around great service. And they follow up, to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. I’m looking forward to my next trip. Thanks again guys!

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