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  • Excellent overall experience. Very easy to deal with...easy menu. Quick delivery I will be a repeat customer.

  • REAL EXOTIC!!!!! Wookies is the best on the menu in my opinion. My go to guys. Staff is the coolest and fastest. They lookout for the cookout.

  • Always on time. Great product. Can’t go wrong with these guys.

  • I have been shopping with these guys since before the name change and they have always been great. Quick communication, the driver is always punctual, always top quality flower and the prices are wonderful for what you get. 12/10

  • Amazing quality & quick delivery!! YESSSSS


  • Redoing an earlier review, after a few days i'm pleasantly surprised by some of the strains i received. It took a few sessions for me to realize it. I also didn't realize until now that the weight was over, where i kept looking at it thinking it looked it, but was too lazy to check until now. I feel bad for leaving a less than stellar review earlier but yeah i'm very satisfied with what i got for the price.

  • AK ⛽️⛽️

  • so this place seems to be run by the same people who run the garden in shaw. Lower quality buds. First time i went in they were very upfront about showcasing the different options. Second time they were not. They didnt have any sativas. What is the point of having a store and not selling one of the most popular strains? Not even one...im sorry i cant really recommend this place unless you are in the area and just want something quick that doesnt do much

  • Placed an order at 10pm, got a message that it would be there by 11:30, waited until 1am before finally just telling them to cancel it. Won't order from them again.

  • Flower was ok but they messed up our order and forgot part of it so after waiting for the delivery guy the first time we had to wait for the same one to go back and get the rest of the delivery. To try and make it faster we agreed to meet him closer but was then given wrong address to meet. Since we weren't at the location not due to our own fault the delivery guy left to make another delivery, leaving us to have to wait a whole nother 30 minutes. The cart we got was only about half full and fake. We are people that only smoke the pen between blunts but we got it yesterday and today it's almost gone.

  • Tried the snake venom and I’m halfway through my jay and already fried lol, definitely pressure for a good ass price for an oz!! Definitely recommending and visiting again soon.

  • My new go to spot! They hooked IT up!! Dont waste you're time with the other places, give them a shot.

  • So cool and so efficient. Will definitely order again! Gotta love #THCbank

  • As a first donor I was little hesitant about the experience, but delivered as promised! Great product/quality. Communication was good about letting me know how long they’d be. Will def order from again.

  • Not only did I get skimped but the weed sucks, definitely not worth the price. Didn’t even try and mask it as a gift. There’s plenty of options on this site, pick someone else

  • This felt like the police building a database.

  • Quick response will use again!

  • Great shop. I can't complain about the business really nice and they do an excellent job at making me feel satisfied as a customer. Great menu with a great selection and variety. Drivers are on time shop communicates well and answers and responds when needed

  • Good business. I rarely leave a though b.c it's to much going on and I enjoy the products. I took effort in this....amazing shop. Owner very kind. Provides me gift everytime I visit dc. God bless him. I come from not the greastest financial background so it's thoughtful that shop chips in to do that...instead of being selfish business they give a lot back. Excellent donation amts. Thurst

  • Fantastic - best weed delivery service I’ve ever used. Buds were covered in crystals, super tight and dense buds, expertly trimmed - real white widow.

  • GOOD GAS ONLY! If you’re looking for great quality and reliability shop with Full Spectrum. 10/10 recommend.

  • Great product at reasonable prices(not everyone is millionaires out here). Was really shocked at how good the product was for the price. I got the Maui Wowie, and it was wowie. Look forward to doing more business with these guys.

  • Great product at reasonable prices(not everyone is millionaires out here). Was really shocked at how good the product was for the price. I got the Maui Wowie, and it was wowie. Look forward to doing more business with these guys.

  • Hands down the best service in DC. Always prompt and on time. Communication is always friendly and great customer service.

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