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  • I should’ve read the reviews first smh. I wasted time and money ordering from here. Waited 3hours and spent $80 on trash bud. I ordered 1/2oz of Sherbet and got mid. It had zero characteristics of typical sherbet. It smoked terrible and had seeds. I’ve had this strain a few times before so I had high expectations. I wanted to give them a chance to correct it before writing this review but I doubt they will plus I’m already irritated asf. My advice: don’t order delivery. If you can’t see what you’re buying first, don’t do it smh. Now I’m forced to order more from somewhere else. Fuck.

    PAQ DC
    Cokamarie reviewed PAQ DC
  • Skyhigh comes through once again. These new flavors are off the chain. The terpenes are awesome. The Grandaddy Purp will put you on your butt if you are looking for something to sleep on. The Dankwoods are really good if you are craving that smoke, and the edibles are amazing as well. Thank you SkyHigh!

    Shawn S. reviewed SkyHigh
  • Reasonable prices and good customer service.

  • Quality stuff here 🔥

    Marley9 reviewed StarLuxe
  • Great service and speedy delivery! My go to delivery service.

    Tony45 reviewed StarLuxe
  • excellent service. timely. great product.

    Ever Green DC
  • Very helpful... Definitely coming back..

  • By far the best bud I’ve gotten in dc. Will be returning most definitely.

  • Quality products, friendly staff, and good selection of flower and edibles!

  • Ok I've been using them for almost a year now, I quit for awhile because the wax I was getting was hit or miss, it's only 30 a G, which is the best price in DC, but again super hit or miss, last one I got was great, bud is consistent nothing crazy, but they charge good prices also great prices on edibles,. I'd definitely recommend giving them a try if your in need

  • No one will answer my texts???? Are these guys still in business??? I’ve tried for days with nothing.

  • Crazy over priced, so I look at the reviews, they look good, so I bite and get a half for $180, no I'm expecting straight fire, but it wasn't, at first glance I saw a seed, a bunch of premature buds, literally should have paid $80 for that half... so after they texted me saying if I gave them 5 stars they would give me 10 perc6off my order 😂😂😂 na I'm good.. also they advertise free delivery, but what they fail to mention is you have to spend over300 to get it.. DC needs to legalize the sale so companies like this can go outta business

  • The best!!!

    Cory1430 reviewed DcMeds
  • Ordered some shake that looked like shrubs and did not smoke at all, I would send a picture. I Reached out to let them know and nothing was done. Normally the shake is good but I guess I order it too much lmao

  • Great product great customer service first time customer but will definitely become a regular here!

  • great customer service, knew a lot of useful information and gold experience, definitely recommend.

  • Good product

    Halen7660 reviewed BudEx
  • Ordered an ounce of shake, I've ordered this from multiple other shops and had no problem, the value seemed great. This placed charged me 100 dollars for what is half an ounce AT MOST. They also called to tell me they would arrive in 10 mins and it took them almost an hour. Steer clear, these guys are trash.

  • Great people, great bud, great times

  • They have the best service and the best prices. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Awesome friendly service would recommend to anybody 😉

  • Trash bud. It had seeds in it, and couldn’t make a dog high. Delivery was almost three hours late. Worst flower I have ever purchased. I would have rather put my $160 into a blender if I knew it would be this abysmal. Do not recommend.

    S reviewed BUD VIBEZ
  • Had my first experience with High Up this week and I must say I was very disappointed with the product. First of all I ordered 2 and 1/2 ounces and received the wrong thing. The wedding cake was terrible quality. smelled and looked like it was sitting in a crushed cardboard box. Gorilla glue was ok but definitely a bad grow.

    High Up
    ShianneM reviewed High Up
  • Best service around! Great edibles, strong prerolls, excellent customer service! I have ordered from them several times, and never have been disappointed. Take advantage of their awesome deals too!

  • Awesome quality and right on time!

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