Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Vancouver

Initiative 502 has officially brought recreational marijuana to the city of Vancouver! As of December 2012, customers may visit local dispensaries to pick up all kinds of marijuana and marijuana-infused products such as concentrates, edibles, and even sodas. Vancouver is also home to many scenic sites and parks such as Vancouver Lake and Lacamas Lake.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Vancouver, WA

  • What is the legal limit of marijuana I can buy in Vancouver?
    Adults 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of flower. You may also have 16 ounces of marijuana-infused products or up to 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquids. Note, that you cannot possess the legal limits of all of these products at once.
  • What are the penalties if you are caught with more than the legal limit?
    Possession of more than 28 grams but less than 40 grams is still a misdemeanor in Vancouver. If you are caught with more than 40 grams, it is considered a felony.
  • What time do dispensaries close in Vancouver, Washington?
    The closing times of dispensaries varies by city. Dispensaries in Vancouver are permitted to stay open until 11:00 P.M. To find a shop in your area, check out our page for all of your local marijuana dispensaries.
  • Where can I legally consume marijuana in Vancouver?
    You are safe to smoke, vape and consume edibles in private places such as homes, smoke-friendly hotels and social clubs. You may not consume marijuana of any kind in public places like parks, bars, restaurants and vehicles.

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Dispensary Reviews in Vancouver, WA

  • Legit service. Will order again. Keep it up gents

  • Loving this place. Just bought a half ounce of Power Africa (Durban Poison + Jack Herer) for $60. Amazing deal for Portland and its indoor flower and smoked super smooth. Delivery came in about 20 minutes, amazing.

  • This is the go-to delivery service for sure. Prices are on par with black market stuff you will find on craigslist, but this place is licensed and legal and I know I'm not smoking a bunch of chemicals. Support the local businesses that are doing the right thing and paying their taxes!

  • It is May 13, 2017. This business has been closed for two years.

  • Very professional and nice. Super fast delivery. Good vibes.

  • Super nice :) professional and

  • Clear Mind employees are very helpful & knowledgeable. I experienced ontime delivery and very good quality medicine. I really liked the potent vape cartridges Thanks

  • I will not go anyplace else I have been a patent for a few years with Eagles Nest and they know there stuff and the selection is great

  • These guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your site is lovely. Welcome to the Par-tay...but! While all of us who now can enjoy our new privilege, Let us Raise our New Choice to the old Folks that made it all possible. The sick, disabled, Veterans and "Boomers". The people who are still serving time. Lost time, lost reputations, etc. Those who followed through when it didn't seem possible. Everyone, like myself that a house of cards will not stand an ill wind. Use it all Wisely and as the sarge used to say 'Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!"

  • Nice, comfy black couches to sit on while you watch a big T.V. up on the wall... Or, if you prefer, tables with equipment to use if you wish. Good, relaxed atmosphere.

  • Called in my order got it in 2 hrs super friendly not a big selection but think they will soon.

  • I have to say we are extremely pleased with quality. The Irish Kush is epic! Ramone is a very pleasant person of contact. Thanks again:-)

  • Everyone is very nice. Great place to go.

  • Really good quality meds. It's nice to have all organic!! The delivery driver was here in less than an hour with a very professional and discrete box. I will definitely be ordering from here again!

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