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    these guys know their product
    and they are very compassionate.

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    DownToEarth Gone DOWNHILL!!!
    The medicine here is always mediocre

    The staff used to be bored and stupid, but now they are rude and lie about how much the medicine costs. They quote you one price, then ask for $5 more.

    If you buy clones, they ALWAYS DIE.

    No real reason to go here as long as there are other places to go in LA county. I had been going here for over a year, but the teenage volunteer couldn't get his math straight and made me feel like I got ripped off, so I'm not going back. The rude Asian woman doesn't help either.

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    Terrible overpriced seeds
    I bought two packages of seeds for $260. I have been growing for over 30 years and have never had seeds that would not sprout. Two seeds out of 22 seeds sprouted. I called and complained and was told that was too bad. I also was told that someone else had bought over 50 seeds and one one had sprouted.

    I wanted them to change vendors. So they already knew that the seeds were not that good. I will never go there again.

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