Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Anaheim

Dispensary Reviews in Anaheim, CA

  • The brother has prompted this website “MMJ Herb” to order the doctor's recommendation here. Everything is well located and written on the site, there are 4 packages which can be chosen by the clients. Terms of sending the doctors’ recommendation are very quick. I’m glad to use your services:-)

  • There is very simple registration on the website, the doctor quickly writes out recommendations for medical marijuana. And all services are for cheap prices!

  • I have found your website through the social networks. I and my relatives couldn't quickly receive the medicine without the help from MMJ Herb. The main thing about this service is that the clinic works completely legally! We’ve received a recommendation and got the medicine without any questions. It is excellent that you provide such a useful service, good luck :-)

  • Best shop ever

  • I only have my I'd in mine don't have it on me. I know the number Am on my way it free

  • This is an exemplary delivery service always prompt delivery very pleasant interactions with customer service and awesome strains of excellent bud✌❤

  • I enjoy the Versace strain thanks, very relaxing taste. You are a big help I will be a great service to Your company.

  • Best service i ever experienced

  • They are shut down

  • This shop and staff have been always knowledgeable and friendly. I have to say the meds are always the best of the best . Thanks greenmind solutions and staff , my one stop shop .

  • Great place! This cute, tall, slender Girl with big eyes & curly hair helped me . She was beyond AWESOME - knew everything and was very respectful . Took her time explained everything Most places you go they don't care. Different at this place I am feeling so much better taking the rights meds.. Saw her there now for past 4-5 mos... hope they keep it up ! It makes a difference if someone cares. Do not mind spending when its good and Top quality ! Try their CBD water.. I sleep better and no pain.. look for this girl.. she can help find best solution. Class Act!l

  • Love the service selection and price

  • The experience was excellent, Derek was very knowledgeable. The staff was great and his selection of flower is amazing. He even referred to a great delivery service down closer to my house in San Clemente PharmOC incase I didn't want to make the long drive.

    Jesika S. reviewed Scsa
  • I need delivery lol

    Stay S. reviewed Scsa
  • Keith, the Black guy who owns and operates this so call mobile dispensary is a thief!!! Do not buy from this place or him!!!! The strains are pretty bad. He changes names on strains to make them more appealing but he is selling you bad product. I also heard that he steals products and then sells it here! He is the worst and giving this business a bad rap. My buddy had product and Keith stole it from him. He needs to be in jail or get a good ass kicking for STEALING product from folks. DO NOT BUY from Keith at all. You pay what you get for...... Shitty stuff for such a "great price" .... Duh.

  • I love the guys at g.o.d its always a pleasure

  • orange County first License, best location, best service...

    daviddewyke reviewed Scsa
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