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Surrounded by the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Bakersfield is a leisurely city that takes advantage of its proximity to nature and prides itself on a community-driven culture. Bakersfield, located less than two hours north of Las Angeles, is often noted for its prolific list of annual festivals which includes the Bakersfield Jazz Festival, the Country and Craft Beer Festival, and the Stampede Days Rodeo. Many of these festivals are held at parks along the Kern River, the town’s centerpiece, which is also a local favorite for its riverside trails and rafting excursions. Whether you want to spend a day adventuring along the river, hiking up the nearby mountains, or exploring a city full of local arts, food, and beer, Bakersfield is a must-visit.

While Bakersfield offers so much for locals and visitors alike, unfortunately, one thing it does not have is marijuana. California first legalized medical marijuana in 1996 and then recreational marijuana in 2016, and it is often considered one of the primary weed capitals of America. However, around 80% of California counties do not allow the cultivation or retail distribution of marijuana – Bakersfield’s Kern County happens to be such a county. In March 2020, the county of Kern voted to oppose authorizing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within county limits. Because of this ordinance, Measure E, cannabis can be used and possessed in Bakersfield, but not cultivated or purchased. Please continue checking in with Where’s Weed for updated information on the marijuana policy in Bakersfield.

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