Top 6 Strains to Pair with Your Coffee Shop Order

Top 6 Strains to Pair with Your Coffee Shop Order

Published on 4/8/22

Some combinations never cease to amaze us and continue to fill us with joy every single time. Those combinations include the likes of biting into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, seeing Cheech and Chong on the big screen, or the sweet and savory flavor combination that satisfies the cravings all at once. Another unmatched combination is none other than the wake and bake, involving both marijuana and coffee.

What is a Wake and Bake?

If you're not hip to stoner culture terminology, a wake and bake means partaking in a smoking session upon arising from the deep sleep from the night before. For some, this could mean having a bowl packed and ready to go on your nightstand. For others, it may mean bringing a whole other stimulant into the equation. People who partake in caffeine and THC consider it to be putting their best foot forward to have a blissful and clearheaded day ahead - with all the energy from their favorite morning beverage. 

Coffee and The Endocannabinoid System


Caffeine is a drug just like cannabis, psilocybin and LSD are. Most people consider caffeine crucial to their daily routine, but do we really know what it is doing within the body? 

Within the framework of the ECS, the system that regulates your body's equilibrium, a study from Northwestern University found that caffeine significantly affects neurotransmitters linked to cannabis. The study looked at 47 participants who habitually drank coffee to refrain for one whole month. They then drank four cups a day in the second month, then finally upped it to 8 cups a day in the third month. The research found those blood metabolites of the ECS decreased with coffee consumption, which is the opposite of what happens when consuming cannabis. What does this all mean, however? 

The ECS is an imperative reactor to the stress response, and the study found that the high caffeine consumption may have created enough stress to trigger a decrease in metabolites in this system. This very well could be the body's adaptation to try to get stress levels back to equilibrium. These findings have prompted even more research about caffeine and the way it interacts within the body and with cannabis. 

Marijuana and Caffeine


Typically, caffeine is seen as a stimulant, while marijuana can be seen as either a stimulant or a depressant - depending on who you speak to. So, if you're thinking about drinking coffee while high, the two may cancel each other out. However, like most things in cannabis, there isn't any evidence to support the claim above, as more research needs to be conducted. 

What we do know about cannabis and caffeine, however, is that both are going to increase levels of dopamine, which is that "happy" chemical in the brain. 

Also, expect an increase in your heart rate, as both substances induce tachycardia. With anything cannabis-related, finding a dosing plan that works for your body is paramount as everyone is affected differently by each substance. 

Can't shake the jitters? Bringing coffee and weed together may decrease the shakes, as a study found that when mice were given CBD after consuming caffeine, they seemed to calm down and moved more slowly.

Your Favorite Coffee Beverage & Strain Combination

Latte & Blue Dream

The latte is a staple in caffeine culture and may lend itself to the "basic white girl" coffee drinker, but that doesn't mean it's not delicious. Consisting of simply espresso and steamed milk, you'll want to pair this drink with a cannabis strain that is just as popular. We like the hybrid, Blue Dream because it's a cornerstone of the cannabis culture and always gets the job done for everyone. 

Americano & Super Lemon Haze

Here's a spin on a classic cup of black coffee. How is it different, you may ask? An americano is prepared by diluting espresso with hot water to deliver a similar taste to coffee yet providing it with a whole new flavor. The strain you'll need is one that is a fresh take on a classic, timeless lineage in cannabis strains. Roll a joint with Super Lemon Haze, a hybrid that has a famous origin in the potent sativa, Haze.

Cappuccino & Maui Wowie


Want to feel exotic like an Italian? Try this espresso-based drink with an even distribution of espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk that is distinctly layered. To feel other-worldly with your cannabis, try a striking strain like Maui Wowie to take you to the tropics with an uplifted mood and tasty flavor profile.  

Nitro Cold Brew & OG Kush

If you want a no-frills drink that is just going to caffeinate, if not over-caffeinate, then this is the drink for you. When considering cannabis strains to pair with this one, you need a classic heavy hitter. Pack the bong with OG Kush, the hybrid that is a heavy hitter on both the body and the brain. 

Affogato - Sugar Candy

Take a scoop of ice cream or gelato and drown it in a hot shot of espresso, and voila! Some may say it's a dessert, but we just consider this an experimental coffee drink. For the more adventurous coffee drinkers, you'll need a strain to match that energy and flavor. Pick up the indica-heavy hybrid, Sugar Candy, with lavender, spice, lemon and mango notes throughout. 

Irish Coffee & Bruce Banner

While it's always advised to be wary of mixing alcohol and cannabis, consider this classic coffee cocktail that consists of Irish whiskey, Kalua, coffee, and whipped cream if you're feeling up for the challenge. This one will pack a potent punch, so make sure your strain does the same. The hybrid Bruce Banner works well here, with a heavy-duty THC content that is sure to uplift before it pushes you into the couch. 

Do you combine caffeine and cannabis? How does it make you feel? What's the best weed and coffee combination? Tell us below!

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