The Best Electronic Artist to Listen To While High

The Best Electronic Artist to Listen To While High

Published on 9/30/22

Nothing is better than a music and cannabis session. Whether you are a musician yourself and need some inspiration or want to hear parts of a song that you simply could never hear sober, mary jane has a long history with music of all sorts. Electronic music and cannabis are exceptionally interconnected, with many high-profile artists advocating for marijuana reform or writing about their experiences with the plant. If you are looking for new electronic dance music (EDM) to enjoy while getting baked, here are a few EDM artists to check out.

Songs and Spliffs

What is it about music and cannabis that pair so well together? Like so many other things in the pot world, the answer comes down to science. Dr. Jorg Faschner, Professor of Music, Health, and the Brain at Cambridge University, identifies the connection as an "acoustic enhancer." Marijuana helps people focus on the many different aspects of a song but also allows them to hear a broader range of notes. Cannabis also changes our perception of time, meaning that a song lasting just three minutes can suck us in and leave us feeling as if we are experiencing a spiritual event.

This is especially true of EDM music. What is EDM music? Simply put, it is electronic-influenced, DJ-driven, up-tempo dance music. EDM is often played at clubs and music festivals to keep the audience on their toes, with the very best EDM artists able to keep the blood pumping by shifting cadences, dropping beats, and melding one song into the other. These changes are quite noticeable when you have been smoking some good bud since we become more aware of our senses when high. At a live show, these DJs also include laser lights or other visual art in conjunction with their beats. As a result, electronic music sometimes seems like it was practically created for the sole purpose of cannabis users.


Astro Hippie

American DJ Grant Richard Kwiecinski, better known as GRiZ, has made a name for himself as one of the few saxophone musicians in the EDM space. His album Chasing the Golden Hour put him on the map not only in the EDM community, but also in the cannabis community. He won the 2015 People's Choice Flower award in the Denver-based High Times Cannabis Cup for his GRiZ Kush, reflecting not only his skills behind the turntable, but also below the grow lights.

Recommended pairing: The man's own Astro Hippie flower is available at Native Roots Apothecary and other participating dispensaries.


At age 35, Emancipator had roots in the music community that may sound familiar to any millennial in his age bracket. He not only burned his own CDs by hand so that he could sell them at shows but promoted himself on MySpace, one of the very first EDM DJs to do so. While his career has progressed well past the point of needing to burn CDs, Emancipator's intense style keeps him relevant beyond a small circle. His Dab Records, Vol 1, made with Asher Fulero, have been some of the very first high-profile music pieces centered around the fine art of dabbing.

Recommended pairing: A Very Berry hybrid to keep your senses sharp.

Pretty Lights

Conscious Electronic

Called "the face and voice of the new American electronica scene," Derek Smith, also known as Pretty Lights, has been pushing the boundaries of EDM music for the better part of two decades. Initially known for his sets with other artists like Michal Menert, he has since gone independent and plays to everything from Coachella to Red Rocks. His music involves a great deal of digital sampling, meaning you can never be sure what you will get once he starts spinning. While he has not cut a new album in five years, he nevertheless remains one of the best in the game and watching a live performance is akin to taking in a laser light show.

Recommended pairing: A Starburst to take you into space.

Of The Trees

If you are looking for a house music artist who may be the next big thing, putting your money on Of The Trees is a good bet. At just 21 years of age, he has already launched a music career and cut a solo album, with tours this summer ranging from Nashville to Calgary. The name does not actually refer to cannabis, but that does not mean you can't enjoy it with his music. Not just a musician but a visual artist, his shows are intense experiences that you will never forget, least of all for how they hit you when you have some good bud in your system.

Recommended pairing: A White Lightning that energizes you for a great show.

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