How to Prepare for Cannabis Green Wednesday

How to Prepare for Cannabis Green Wednesday

Published on 11/17/20

There's a large list of reasons to look forward to Thanksgiving and the holiday season: great food, celebrating with friends & family, and yes - shopping, sales and presents. If you happen to be a weed enthusiast - and especially if you have weed enthusiast friends - the holiday season has become much more enjoyable for you. If you aren't familiar with Danksgiving or Green Wednesday, two of the biggest marijuana holidays of the year, don't worry - keep reading for more information!

Green Wednesday & Danksgiving

As marijuana legalization spreads across the United States and the cultural aversion to weed dissipates, more and more people are stepping up to observe holidays like Danksgiving and Green Wednesday. The relevance of these holidays will only continue to grow now that there are 15 different states with legalized recreational weed. The most widely known celebration is Danksgiving, the marijuana counterpart to the Thanksgiving dinner and surrounding festivities. From baking a weed turkey for Thanksgiving dinner to getting high beforehand with cannabis-infused appetizers and having weed-centric decorations, Danksgiving is potentially the perfect holiday. All we're saying is that, if you want to mix it up with Thanksgiving 2020, you can also give it a little cannabis twist. For more information on Danksgiving and how to throw a weed party for Thanksgiving, you can check out our holiday-specific post.

To prepare for a proper Thanksgiving weed party, you're going to need a decent amount of bud - which is where Green Wednesday comes into play. Green Wednesday is essentially a marijuana Black Friday, except that it occurs the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, giving you time to stock up before your holiday celebrations. Dispensaries around the country are beginning to observe Green Wednesday, offering incredible deals on all sorts of products, from flower and concentrates to gummies and vapes. For those in the dispensary business, it's important to not let this holiday go by unnoticed.

How Dispensaries Should Prep for Green Wednesday

Create Exciting Deals

Especially as more dispensaries start stepping up their Green Wednesday game, you'll want to make sure your dispensary has competing deals. Look back at your sales data over the last few months using your POS to develop a clear sense of what your customers are buying. Highlight those popular products and come up with fun, holiday-themed sales for each of them.  If you can, create a few deals for Green Wednesday all the way through Thanksgiving day to keep customers intrigued and the holiday cheer toked. Much like Black Friday, Green Wednesday is a single day, but that doesn't have to stop you from keeping the excitement alive all week long!

Utilize Social Media

Having Green Wednesday deals is great, but it won't do you much good if people don't know about it. Social media is your most effective form of marketing as a cannabis company. Plan out social media posts for the weeks surrounding Danksgiving. Have a calendar of what you're going to post and when. Be consistent, post at least once a day - using videos, infographics, pictures, and memes to keep it fresh. When posting, make sure to advertise what exactly your sales are going to be to avoid confusion and highlight the promotion. Keep it thematic, spread the cheer, and also respond to your customers as they repost, comment, and like your content!

Write Blog Posts

Social media is great, but a strong online presence can go a long way for your dispensary, too. On your website be sure to write about the holidays, the types of products you're putting on sale, and what makes your dispensary special. Strategically use keywords throughout your posts to attract more people organically through search engine traffic. Additionally, you can always post your blog to your social media accounts - integrating content across various platforms is an effective way to up your engagement. 

Text Promotions

If you don't have a loyalty or rewards program, you should consider creating one. Upon a purchase or website visit, offer your customers a chance to provide their name, email, and phone number in return for exclusive access to special deals via text and email promotions. A direct text message detailing a sale has the potential to be highly effective, with customers much likelier to check a text over an email or specific social post. Not only will this get the word out to more customers quicker, but it also builds brand trust, provides more exposure, and gives your customers something extra for their loyalty. 

Decorate for the Holiday

People enjoy holiday decorations, and that includes your customers. Dress up your dispensary with some holiday charm - garlands full of fall leaves, turkey decor, candles, the works! Just make sure to add that special cannabis twist to it all. Place marijuana leaves throughout and keep a green vibe going for Green Wednesday and Danksgiving cheer!

Celebrating Danksgiving for the first time or are you a seasoned holiday participant? Share your thoughts on weed Thanksgiving cheer, how you plan on celebrating, and what you want to see from your local dispensaries on Green Wednesday!

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