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Located right outside Denver, Aurora is a popular place for many families to settle down due to its proximity to the city and mountains at more affordable prices. While many see it as simply an extension of Denver, Aurora has plenty to offer on its own. Besides being close to the Rocky Mountain Front Range and Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora is full of great restaurants and shopping opportunities. The Town Center at Aurora is a great mall to explore, and the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts Center is a great place to check out local youth artists and programming. Aurora is also home to many dispensaries, so you’ll be able to find all of your cannabis needs in town.

After Colorado legalized medicinal cannabis in 2000 and then opened up its recreational marijuana market in 2014, the industry has grown exponentially. Aurora is no exception, and the city continues to see its marijuana market grow. It is home to over 25 dispensaries, along with easy access to all of the Denver dispensaries. Dispensaries are able to be open from 8 AM until 10 PM, but be sure to check your dispensary’s website as hours may vary. In Colorado (and in Aurora), consumers over the age of 21 may buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower, 800mg of edibles or 8g of concentrates at a time. For those with a valid medical marijuana card, you may purchase up to 2 ounces of flower at a time.

For more information on Colorado’s cannabis laws, check out our Colorado state page.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Aurora, CO

  • Is marijuana legal in Aurora?

    Absolutely! Marijuana is legal in Aurora for those over 21 or with a valid medical marijuana card.


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Aurora?

    It is quite easy to find weed in Aurora. Marijuana can be purchased at any one of the many licensed dispensaries in Aurora.


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Aurora?

    Yes - but with some restrictions. It is legal to smoke weed in Aurora on private property out of public sight. Smoking in public remains illegal. If you are staying at an Airbnb or a hotel, you must first have permission from the owner to consume cannabis inside.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Aurora?

    Yes! It is quite easy to order weed online from the many dispensaries in Aurora


  • Is weed delivery available in Aurora?

    Aurora recently voted to allow recreational cannabis delivery starting in early 2021! So be sure to check back soon for delivery providers once licenses are granted.


Aurora Dispensary Reviews

  • It was a great experience. Alyssa was very helpful and answered all my questions. I went with Wana Gummies which are great. Work great and taste good. Love love love them.

  • My experience with Ascend has thus far been fantastic! They offer a wide selection of cannabis products and will guide you towards the right product for you. Friendly, knowledgeable and convenient. Prices for the quality are totally on par. I recommend this store to everyone!

  • Absolutely amazing experience!

  • Garbage Flower full of seeds and sticks, purposely hide this from you by preventing you from examining it and by placing it in dark containers to make it hard to see that it's really some ditch weed they stuck in a container.

  • Horrible. Went from horrible customer service to even worse customer service trying to fix the first ones mistakes! Seriously Ed, you sale flower, how hard can it be to keep people happy? I mean really....

  • Great place know there stuff Tanya was so very helpful

  • What are your daily specials? How can I find a doctor?

  • Offered a special on MED mix and match pre-rolls at 10 for $19+tax. When I attempted to place my order over the phone, before mentioning the deal, I was told by the bud tender that they didn’t have any MED pre-rolls but they had the same exact pre-rolls on the REC side. I then asked about the deal and was told that in switching to REC the deal was off, but I could get 8 for $31, but it was an 8 pack of the same, not strain specific, rolls. Or I could mix and match strain specific rolls at 5 for $31. Not to mention that by switching me from MED to REC my tax rate went from 8% to 28%. For the SAME EXACT rolls, which was confirmed by the owner and by whomever answers their emails. Every other dispensary I’ve been to has substituted product and matched the price. For example, one dispo offered 8g Kush Masters mix and match wax/shatter for $100 otd but didn’t have that brand, so instead honored the price with alternative brands. Instead I was offered an up-charge on what I

  • Tina was awesome and very helpful! Love Kind Care. Will be back!

  • 11/8/2020 Upon entering this dispensary today after purchasing from them a few times in the past I was told my id would not scan and to wait in line. After the manager returned he proceeded to Yell "Your ID did not scan and what we usually do is call the police for cases like this”. They refused to return my only Out of state ID after this threat meaning I could not have left the parking lot. I am a Black, US army veteran so I proceeded to show my vets ID which was promptly denied. I welcomed them to call the dispatcher and was told to wait outside of the business and that I was being "disorderly" for contesting such a bold accusation. The Cops Verified my ID is valid and current and returned it. He also promptly went back into this same dispensary to verify that my phone number was already in their registry... The manager could have simply asked for another form of id or talked to me..yet he decided to turn this into a scene and now you have a better idea of th

  • Good blah blah blah

  • Low grade marijiuana. Moldy marijiuana. Life's too short for bad bud!

  • Awesome dispensary. I got some primo flower and picked up a cool grassroots hoodie. The tenders were knowledgeable and super friendly,

  • Sucka

  • Great place, great deals and smart and nice staff.

  • After 4 visits I will not EVER make it back for the 5th. The first time they were annoyed that I had questions. The second visit a girl cave out to my bf and I in our vehicle and what was supposed to be 30 dollars was something like $45 after the tax and a fee to use our cc then they round up and give us a couple dollars cash back without explanation to what they were doing. Then she asked for a tip! We gave her a few bucks...agreed we wouldn’t tip again because really? On the way home we realized they did not give us the military discount we had discussed with them. We called and she said she updated our profile and we would get the discount starting with our next visit and moving forward. So next visit comes. It’s the same girl and she says no to the veterans discount because I forgot to ask until the end! She said it was in the profile and would automatically apply! Whatever. We figure we will try one more time. Call order... the guy on the phone says can yo

  • Hey guys, download and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

  • Hey guys, download and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

  • best experience here. great people and product.

  • Rode in from Texas ,, first dispensary on the left. HIGHEST DISPENSARY IN TRINIDAD. Learned my lesson last trip. Shop around folks , stay a couple days you’ll see. Was highly disappointed with how I was took advantage of. Drive 2 miles north BINGO.start there MAIN STREET. Commercials good 2 . But shop around . Jusmyopinion

    Billy S. reviewed CannaCo
  • Nice shop. Has BBQ restaurant in same building. They even handle the snacks for your munchies. Extra charge.

  • The prices brought me in but the quality will bring me back! Ordered online and it was ready for pick up with in 10 mins

  • Terrapin is my go-to for Pre-Rolls. 10, .5 grammers (so, 5 g's) at $26 OTD is ridiculous - classy joint!

  • Wouldn’t recommend kind love anymore. Today (10/20/20) they posted a promotion and for the second time this week they did not honor it. It’s false advertising and illegal what kind love is doing. Since this was the SECOND time this week it happened I asked to speak with the manager, Andy. Andy was apathetic to my situation. The worst customer service I’ve ever had. Which is a shame because I’ve been going to kind love for over 10 years! Andy even acknowledged how long I’ve been a member and still was rude and literally walked away from me without any resolution I’m am currently so upset I’m speaking with the federal trade commission to make sure kind love could no longer post false advertisements. They have informed me that David Spitz (the owner) and Idan Spitz (COO) are conducting fraud. I have attached photos of this weeks false advertisements.

    Kind Love
    Mup222 reviewed Kind Love
  • This is the coolest nicest pot shop I've ever visited. I felt so welcome. There marijuana looks and taste great.

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