Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Boulder

Located at the base of the Rocky Mtns and 25 miles from Denver is Boulder. A tourist destination year-round, Boulder is known for its abundance of recreational opportunities and active populace With a deep history of embracing 'counterculture' Boulder boasts a cannabis-friendly vibe and plenty of recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Boulder, CO

  • Can I consume cannabis in Boulder, Colorado?
    Even a town as chill as Boulder still has laws against open consumption. Keep smoking to private properties with permission.
  • Who can purchase cannabis in Boulder?
    Boulder has plenty of recreational marijuana dispensaries where anyone 21+ with a valid ID can purchase cannabis/ cannabis products.
  • Can I get marijuana delivered in Boulder?
    No. Delivery of any cannabis products is prohibited in all of Colorado.

Dispensary Reviews in Boulder, CO

  • Fantastic place - very best of any I've tried on Where's Weed. Been my go-to for 3 months now. Fantastic quality buds, tasty edibles, quality cartridges, & knowledgeable service. Excellent selection...really unmatched from what I've seen. The very few times I've had issues with products (hey, it happens), they've always quickly resolved them to my satisfaction. Seem to have higher quality standards for the cart brands they sell than other places. Yes, as has been noted, prices are somewhat higher (so take advantage of quantity discount deals when available!), but really worth it to me for better quality, dependability, & great little surprise extras they give customers (always makes me smile & sometimes exposes me to new types of products). Don't forget to tip your driver generously...hemproute ❤❤💕. traffic can be crazy & even hazardous. :-) Keep up the great work, hemproute!

  • I had a great experience. Peace and love Hemproute you the real MVP 😘

  • These guys never disappoint - all around professional.

  • Totally AWESOME

  • Was the strangest and most unpleasant experience at a dispensary, and I’ve been to dispensaries all over CO. Took 30 min. to buy one gram. Person helping me must of been inebriated because he couldn’t give me any info. On the products that made since. all flower is pre packaged. Also, didn’t have the strain I came for that was listed online.

  • I had a amazing experience with the quality of weed down to how nice the bud tenders are would recommend to anyone looking for a good spot near commerce city

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