Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Pueblo West

Pueblo West is (unsurprisingly) located just west of the city of Pueblo in southern Colorado. This recently developed area is an expansive planned community just 8 miles away from downtown Pueblo. While many might just view Pueblo West as an extension of Pueblo, there is certainly plenty to do in town and nearby. A growing civic center hosts several restaurants and shops, and the community is just north of Lake Pueblo State Park. The community has gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and the Spanish Peaks, and you’ll find plenty of planned parks and play areas in town for the family. Furthermore, the town is home to a growing number of cannabis dispensaries to help make your cannabis needs fulfilled.

Colorado has become a cannabis capital in its own right, with medical marijuana legalization in 2000 setting the foundation for a huge industry. Once the recreational marijuana market opened in 2014, the state hasn’t turned back. Although some communities have chosen to close their doors to dispensaries, Pueblo and Pueblo West have welcomed them with open arms. The area saw a huge rush of people moving in after legalization and has continued to grow since. Pueblo West is home to 13 dispensaries alone, and the number may keep climbing over time. The city’s dispensaries are able to be open between 8 AM and 11 PM, but be sure to check your dispensary’s website before going.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Pueblo West, CO

  • Is marijuana legal in Pueblo West?

    Yes, both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Pueblo West! Any adult over 21 with a valid government-issued ID or those with a valid MMJ card can purchase marijuana in the city.


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Pueblo West?

    Buying marijuana in Pueblo West is very easy from any licensed dispensary.


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Pueblo West?

    Smoking weed in Pueblo West is only legal in the privacy of one’s home. If staying in a hotel or Airbnb, make sure to check with the property owner or manager for permission to consume cannabis on the property. 


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pickup in Pueblo West?

    Yes, curbside pickup is available at many dispensaries in Pueblo West! 


  • Can I bring home the marijuana I bought in Pueblo West?

    Only if you live in Colorado! Otherwise, it is illegal to cross any state border transporting marijuana. Whether visitors are flying or driving, make sure to finish your cannabis before leaving the state. Of course, those who do live in Colorado can drive with marijuana in a sealed container in the trunk of their car.