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Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

As of November 6, 2012, Massachusetts voters approved Ballot Question 3 allowing for the legal consumption of medical marijuana for qualifying patients. Patients may now possess “no more marijuana than is necessary for the patient’s personal, medical use, not exceeding the amount necessary for a 60-day supply.”

Frequently asked questions about medical cannabis in Massachusetts:

  • How can I get a medical marijuana card in the state of Massachusetts?

    To obtain a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts, you must have a physician recommendation stating that you have one of the qualifying conditions and will benefit from the use of medical marijuana. The qualifying patient must apply to the Department of Public Health of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Where can I find a medical marijuana doctor for a recommendation in Massachusetts?

    To find a doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation in your community, please enter your location in the search field above.

  • What is needed to submit an application for a medical marijuana card?

    • Application including the following information: qualifying patient's name, date of birth, address, telephone number, proof of residency
    • Written physician's certification
    • Copy of Massachusetts driver's license or proper photo ID
    • A non-refundable registration fee - $50.00
    • Patient's caregiver information (if applicable)
    • A statement of whether the patient will be applying for a hardship cultivation registration (if applicable)
  • Where can I purchase medical marijuana in Massachusetts?

    Currently, the state is working with dispensaries to go through the final steps of becoming legitimate marijuana businesses. The first dispensary is expected to open in Salem this spring. Right now, patients may either cultivate their own medical marijuana or work with a qualifying, registered caregiver of their choosing.

Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is pushing hard to end the prohibition of recreational marijuana in 2015 or 2016. In March 2015, the state introduced a bill, H.1561, which would essentially regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol for legal use by adults, however, it has yet to pass.

Frequently asked questions about recreational cannabis in Massachusetts:

  • How old do I have to be to purchase recreational marijuana in Massachusetts?

    If recreational marijuana were to become legal in the state of Massachusetts, adults 21 and older would be allowed to consume it. As with alcohol, it would be illegal to sell or give recreational marijuana to minors.

  • Where can I purchase recreational marijuana in Massachusetts?

    As it stands, there are no recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts. Legalization for recreational marijuana use would mean that adults 21 and older would be allowed to go into a retail outlet, purchase a personal amount of marijuana and pay a tax on his or her purchase, just like alcohol.

  • Where am I legally allowed to consume recreational marijuana in Massachusetts?

    It is illegal to consume recreational and medical marijuana in public settings including cars, concerts, federal land, public transportation, etc. Medical marijuana patients are allowed to consume their medicine in private settings only.

  • How much recreational marijuana can I have in my possession in the state of Massachusetts?

    Citizens are currently not allowed to possess any recreational marijuana in the state of Massachusetts. Medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess an “adequate 60-day supply”.