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Frequent questions about marijuana in Northampton, MA

  • As a medical patient, how much marijuana can I have in Northampton, Massachusetts?
    Since the passing of Question 3 in November of 2012, medical patients 18 and older can possess a 60 day supply of cannabis which can be up to 10 ounces. This amount may vary based on how much the physician prescribes to each patient.
  • How much recreational marijuana can I possess in Northampton?
    Since the passing of Question 4 in November of 2016, citizens 21 and older are allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrated cannabis. You are also allowed to have up to ten ounces of marijuana if it is kept locked inside of your residence.
  • Where can I smoke marijuana in Northampton?
    Though medical and recreational marijuana are both legal in Massachusetts, it is still illegal to consume it in public places. It is your best and safest option to smoke, eat edibles or vape in the privacy of your own residence.
  • Am I allowed to travel with marijuana in my car?
    Yes, you are allowed to travel with the legal limits stated previously as long as it is in a secure container or in the trunk of the vehicle. However, it is illegal to take anything purchased in Massachusetts across state lines. There are serious fines and penalties to doing so.

Northampton Dispensary Reviews

  • 0 stars I have spent a total of 8 hours in the last two days trying to connect. I have called the number and have been disconnected countless times. The website says I have a broken link. What's going on?

  • Fantastic people fantastic service!!

  • Great. People are very friendly and helpful

  • Very nice place and very reasonable on prices

  • Loved it great experience great bud will be going back prices are a little higher but well worth the visit see u guys soon thanks

  • I never have a long wait and the people working there are very helpful

    Lynn D. reviewed Insa
  • I really like their prices and how really nice they the vapes! Good products!

  • They are super friendly and take care of you right away. I have had to take a product back because it wasn't working and they gave me a refund with no problem. And the prices are great also

    CCC Gang reviewed Insa
  • What about prices

  • This place is my go to for all my needs

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