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Brockton, Massachusetts is a city just 35 minutes outside Boston that has plenty of outdoor activities and things to do. On a nice day, head to the Brockton Audubon Preserve for plenty of trails and bird watching. The Ames Nowell State Park is also a scenic place to go hiking and fishing. In town, head to the South Street Historic District to take a step back in time. The city also has plenty of restaurants and shops to check out.

Brockton also has a blossoming marijuana scene as more and more dispensaries continue to open. Massachusetts legalized cannabis for medical use in 2012 and then for adult-use in 2016. Even though cannabis has been legalized, it is still illegal to consume marijuana in public places. Marijuana consumption should only be done at home and away from public view. It is also highly illegal to smoke marijuana and drive and should not be attempted.

For more information on the state’s cannabis laws, check out our Massachusetts state page.

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