Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Van Nuys

Van Nuys is home to over 170,000 people in Los Angeles County. There is an abundance of things to do while visiting such as attending a local museum, the Los Angeles zoo, Adventure City, and all the shopping and dining you could ask for. There are also multiple recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in the area for all of your cannabis needs!

Frequent questions about marijuana in Van Nuys, CA

  • How much marijuana can I buy at a dispensary in Van Nuys?
    Recreational users can purchase up to one ounce of marijuana, eight grams of concentrates and six cannabis plants. Medical patients with a valid medical card can purchase up to eight ounces of marijuana and 12 immature plants.
  • Can I grow marijuana at my house in Van Nuys?
    Yes, you can officially grow your own marijuana in Van Nuys. You can grow up to six recreational plants in your own private residence. Plants must be in a secure, locked location out of public eye.
  • Where can I legally smoke in Van Nuys, CA?
    While consuming cannabis may be legal, you are not permitted to smoke it everywhere. The law states that you can smoke, vape and consume edibles in the privacy of your own residence. It is illegal to smoke in public places like bars, cars, and restaurants.
  • Are there marijuana delivery services in Van Nuys?
    Currently, there are medical marijuana delivery services only in Van Nuys. Recreational patients can still visit local dispensaries in the area but there are no delivery services available. Check out the listings on our page to find a delivery service near you.

Dispensary Reviews in Van Nuys, CA

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  • This is an exemplary delivery service always prompt delivery very pleasant interactions with customer service and awesome strains of excellent bud✌❤

  • I enjoy the Versace strain thanks, very relaxing taste. You are a big help I will be a great service to Your company.

  • Went here for an 1/8 of Medical herbs, I am a MMJ Patient and need Indica for my pain. Staff very nice and very knowledgeable and helpful, great private location, nice quiet and peaceful.

  • Ounces of dry mota aqui nunca recommend !!

  • Best service i ever experienced

  • Super chill . Fast in and out . Value priced love their glues and ogs . Clones are top notch.

  • Greenmile Delivery is a no fail, low wait time, nice select variety of the best fire flowers to choose from and an ever expanding edibles menu.

  • I left the Bakersfield420 Clinic with my renewal. Across the street was the new Mile High Club. I went over. I received the best customer service I ever have on a first time visit! I am a HAPPY CAMPER! I will return regularly. Aframe637

  • New number 562 201 8229 ..... great weed.....

  • MY FAVORITE SHOP!!!! the BEST herb!! NICE deals for any type of price. & good atmosphere

  • Total jerks. Avoid.

  • Unworthy

  • First time signing up with these guys was an awesome experience due to the fact that they helped me figure out a number that was extremely tedious to figure out. My first order went so well I decided to stick to their services after breaking the seal on that fresh jar. Such aroma and pungent flavor and no doubt the effects reminded me of the first days I had real flower. I highly recommend you try at least once, you have nothing but time to lose. you will appreciate the quality and the treatment, I guarantee it

    Andy S reviewed HERB
  • Sunny was speedy, good communication, friendly, and fab herbs!!! Highly recommend.

  • Should have done more research through the reviews found the negative reviews to be the most positive response with accuracy giving everyone the benefit of the doubt this is not the place to visit

  • Negative and rude

  • Incredible customer service all around. And probably the most adorable packaging I've seen :)

    Kristen J. reviewed HERB
  • They have the best flowers in the city and they have fast delivery!!

    Sandygdc reviewed HERB
  • Hey patients i can say for a fact that wisemengenetics delivery is superior and worth being a part of their servicevvery professional neat and tidy best wishes. Elias nancy

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