Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Van Nuys

Van Nuys is home to over 170,000 people in Los Angeles County. There is an abundance of things to do while visiting such as attending a local museum, the Los Angeles Zoo, Adventure City, and all the shopping and dining you could ask for. There are also multiple recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in the area for all of your cannabis needs!

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Van Nuys, CA

  • How much marijuana can I buy at a dispensary in Van Nuys?
    Recreational users can purchase up to one ounce of marijuana, eight grams of concentrates and six cannabis plants. Medical patients with a valid medical card can purchase up to eight ounces of marijuana and 12 immature plants.
  • Can I grow marijuana at my house in Van Nuys?
    Yes, you can officially grow your own marijuana in Van Nuys. You can grow up to six recreational plants in your own private residence. Plants must be in a secure, locked location out of public eye.
  • Where can I legally smoke in Van Nuys, CA?
    While consuming cannabis may be legal, you are not permitted to smoke it everywhere. The law states that you can smoke, vape and consume edibles in the privacy of your own residence. It is illegal to smoke in public places like bars, cars, and restaurants.
  • Are there marijuana delivery services in Van Nuys?
    Currently, there are medical marijuana delivery services only in Van Nuys. Recreational patients can still visit local dispensaries in the area, but there are no delivery services available. Check out the listings on our page to find a delivery service near you.

Van Nuys Dispensary Reviews

  • I just left. I was told I can go to my car to get more cash. When I got back the black chubby girl security guard was very mean and rude. She ran me off. Bad management. I will never send my family and friends in the neighborhood not to go as long as that rude security guard leaves. We don't do business like that. Good bye 👋

  • The best

    Prende reviewed Calma
  • Service is great

  • Dope Products, Dope People. I love the location and the store front itself. It's very inviting and everyone of the employees is pretty knowledgeable.

  • Just registered trying to find out

  • Got top quality buds , carts, shatter, wax, dabs available Hit me Snap-Dreyzell_fire or mjplug420 to place your order

  • I was regular customer to this dispensary and spend anywhere from $250-$350 per week between my wife, daughter and I. I do not remember the date to be exact but it was in December I believe...I am new to this legal weed thing so I really do not know how to buy weed. So when I came in I always asked for recommendations on what to get that won't make us go to sleep.....or I would just always get the oz of mix weed. This young lady this day was having a really bad day and she was giving me all kinds of attitude. I complied and answered her questions. I did not get what I wanted because she was not listening to a thing I said. Then she asked me my name, I said, "Abraham". I guess she did not believe me so she asked my grandson my name and he said, " He just told you...his name is Abraham". She then finally proceeded to check me out. Upon checking me out, my daughter called my phone with an emergency, so unaware of what I was doing because it was my daughter calling; I a

  • Cool easy to work and a lot of Info thanks

  • Great people, great product! It has helped my back tremendously.

  • The original Venice collective, these folks are really great. All age groups are welcome and treated with respect. Knowledgeable staff, very helpful. Excellent quality and always tested for impurities. If you want a mature, respectable collective to visit, this one is it.

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