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Everett, Washington is home a variety of recreational and medical dispensaries. It is also known for the largest public marina on the west coast, the Puget Sound which is known for its fishing, whale watching and boating. Aside from outdoor activities, there are many museums, restaurants, concert venues and shopping centers to choose from.

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Everett, WA

  • How old do I have to be to purchase marijuana in Everett?
    The law states that adults 21 years of age and older can purchase marijuana and marijuana products at any local recreational dispensary. Medical patients with a valid doctor's recommendation can purchase marijuana at any recreational or medical dispensary.
  • How much marijuana can I buy at a time in Everett, WA?
    You can purchase up to an ounce of marijuana at a time. If you aren't feeling flower, you can purchase up to 16 ounces of marijuana-products such as edibles and concentrates. There is also a limit on the amount of marijuana-infused liquids which is up 72 ounces. You cannot purchase the maximum of all three products at one time but you can get a smaller variety of them.
  • How late are dispensaries open in Everett?
    Typically, most recreational dispensaries will close between 10:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M. Check out our page to find the best dispensaries nearest you.
  • What can I buy at a dispensary in Everett?
    Aside from flower, there are a multitude of products you can choose from! Typical dispensaries have things like edibles, topicals, concentrates and even cannabis-infused beverages. Most dispensaries also sell a variety of pipes, rolling papers and vaporizer pens.

Dispensary Reviews in Everett, WA

  • The Best Deals & Great service!! Don't miss this Shop it's worth the drive.

  • Very knowledgeable. Great prices. Super friendly. Very clean store.

  • great the owners are great people' puff puff pass.

    Jack M. reviewed Old Toby
  • Wasted my time

  • Wasted my time. Advertised product via text, hour later didn't honor price. No honor at T Bros. Don't lie to a Veteran, we don't forget

  • Location is what makes this place - if you are out in the area, ok. But the medicine is priced a little high, no pun intended. Quality is good. Olympia has better deals -

  • The staff is amazing. Friendly. Great quality.

  • Fantastic Club!

  • Awesome Club.

  • Great bud at great prices. Concentrates, edibles, cape cartridges etc. Give em a try, tell em Mr. $100 Challenge sent you :)

  • Awesome, recreational

  • To booth3, you must just be an a hole. Because I've been going there more four months and haven't found a rude or unknowledgeable person yet. They ALL know what they are talking about and are VERY helpful. So anybody that reads this please pay no mind to the idiot cougars fan. CANNATOPIA TOO ROCKS. With that I'm out the door to the store!!!

  • Absolutely the RUDEST STAFF you will ever meet! I am new to the area so I wanted to check out all the local shops in town, and this one was the closest to my home. I was excited to see everything they had to offer but the disrespectful and offensive employees working there made sure I was shooed away instead. I guess I will just take my money elsewhere. Where the staff is friendly and they welcome questions about their product; in fact they encourage it! Take my advice, save your time and money and go to A BUD AND LEAF instead. It's only 1 mile down the road and the people working there will greet you with open arms and welcome any questions you may have!

  • Well i love the shop i had a great experience there and i love it, i hope they stay at location.

  • I was a two year loyal customer. They just raised prices on products I like by 60%. No deals or breaks on bulk. I'll never spend money there again.

  • Ask questions and they give you very good recommendations.

  • This is the first True menu I have seen on this site... Thank You and I will be in to see you later tomorrow

  • I love Urban Medicinal Great Budtenders who are very Knowledgeable and among the largest edible selection with rso and other concentrates everyone needs to come see this loving store

  • i did buisness with louis johnson who owns but is no longer the face of urban he takes patients products in on consignment and doen't compinsate his growers and patients with anything other than excuses. I feel like this is why they should do background checks on dispensary owners just as extensively as they did with the retail licenses. Louis is a crook with a long criminal background and admitted gang afiliations. This is far from a safe access point!

  • Great product..go dj

  • Best text this week!! Thanks D for your support!! Your family over at nofingerprints420

  • The guys delivered in a timely manor and very professional. I recommend them 100%

  • the best place to go for good quality meds and great service.

  • Great atmosphere, very friendly and helpful staff. Great meds and lots of choices to choose from. They have everything you could ever want in one great place.

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