Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Everett

Everett, Washington is home a variety of recreational and medical dispensaries. It is also known for the largest public marina on the west coast, the Puget Sound which is known for its fishing, whale watching and boating. Aside from outdoor activities, there are many museums, restaurants, concert venues and shopping centers to choose from.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Everett, WA

  • How old do I have to be to purchase marijuana in Everett?
    The law states that adults 21 years of age and older can purchase marijuana and marijuana products at any local recreational dispensary. Medical patients with a valid doctor's recommendation can purchase marijuana at any recreational or medical dispensary.
  • How much marijuana can I buy at a time in Everett, WA?
    You can purchase up to an ounce of marijuana at a time. If you aren't feeling flower, you can purchase up to 16 ounces of marijuana-products such as edibles and concentrates. There is also a limit on the amount of marijuana-infused liquids which is up 72 ounces. You cannot purchase the maximum of all three products at one time but you can get a smaller variety of them.
  • How late are dispensaries open in Everett?
    Typically, most recreational dispensaries will close between 10:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M. Check out our page to find the best dispensaries nearest you.
  • What can I buy at a dispensary in Everett?
    Aside from flower, there are a multitude of products you can choose from! Typical dispensaries have things like edibles, topicals, concentrates and even cannabis-infused beverages. Most dispensaries also sell a variety of pipes, rolling papers and vaporizer pens.

Everett Dispensary Reviews

  • I have never had a bad experience with a Cannabis shop, I just left CA, everyone delievered. now hmmmmm ?

  • Great service, excellent prices and selection. My 'go to' for weed.


  • the employees were very rude and the pot is WAY overpriced. I was asked to leave because I "didn't spend enough to use the ATM. I will never shop here again and i suggest you do the same.

  • Great low key place with great prices!



  • Best weed available

  • Awesome shop! Definitely going to be coming back more often, budtenders were very helpful in finding my perfect ratio with CBD to THC. Also close to ferry and conveniently by a grocery store :)

  • Great

  • Solid wellness and CBD Wednesday promotion. Friendly staff, very welcoming and cheers-like atmosphere where everybody knows your name. Stores also dog friendly and has a 15% off pre-order promo right now. Best shop in lake city Seattle for sure.

  • Awesome shop, knowledgeable budtenders and the best prices in North Seattle hands down.

  • Very friendly service and always have what im looking for and there establishments is easy to find

  • Friendly environment

  • Very Helpful for my cognitive needs..

  • Used to be 5/5 store, has gone downhill and the staff will ignore you. Once one of the best, now joining places like white rabbit, bottom of the rung.

  • Awesome very helpful and great deals I went in when they first opened. They sure have grown.

  • Great

  • Hey necesito weed, la puedes traer a domicilio

  • Clean, cool, and friendly. All around great.

  • Enjoyable. Love the Senior specials.

  • Now known as the vault. Awesome hours, points system for even more deals. Nice selection, medibles are a bit pricy for small thc/cbd content (which is a disappointment to those of us with higher tolerance). Great deals. So many bud tenders though, always new ones (not as informative with their product), some that have been around & you get to know. Some not as vocal or conversational (which is too bad, it's about convenience, product & custoner service), others i have great chats with. One of my favorite bud tenders that always has awesome suggestions is about to have her baby (congrats!) One of the best choices around regardless. Definitely my go to choice.

  • Very knowledgeable, on strains always friendly service. Ed Parker,Marysville, Wa.

    Cascade Kropz
  • I wish I could give this place zero stars after the experience I had on 1/1/17. They try to screw people out of money. For the past year, I have shopped exclusively at this store - spending ~$250-$500 per month there for the past 12 months. I always had good experiences and loved the products I'd purchase, but never in my life have I been so disrespected by an establishment. On 1/1/17, I went into the store and purchased $175 worth of product, and paid in 2 $100 bills, meaning I'd get $25 back. The bud tender grabbed the wrong pack at first but I reminded her of the item I had written down on a piece of paper that she was looking at and she grabbed the right one. no big deal, people make mistakes... But then when I got to my car and put my change away, I realized I only had $15 change instead of $25. I looked at the receipt and the receipt stated that I gave $190. Had I not paid in 2 $100 bills, it *MIGHT* have made more sense for the amount received to be off, but the buttons to

  • No one answered SMH

    Leona T. reviewed NYC
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