Morristown Dispensary Reviews

  • A great experience and very pleased with the carts and edibles.

    StixxRLRR reviewed
  • Why doesn't anyone ever answer the phone or text?

    Staci S. reviewed
  • This place is on some bullshit one day they say you don't need a card one day they say you do, definitely something shady going on here.

  • Phone doesnt work

  • It was great fast and very friendly staff my favorite place to go

  • I love customer service I go for Girl Scout Cookies would recommend patients to see Nathan great at servicing flowers

  • This is by far the best dispensary in the area. Their prices on flower are a little high, but it's all high quality, grown in house, and they always have a different daily special every day and put their top shelf on rotation for $30 $35 $40. Their concentrates concentrates are by far the best in the area and in the valley. In this area, the dabs are high in price and harsh as hell. Great prices here on dabs and very smooth. If you don't like to wait, you can order online and pick-up is quick. They're also expanding here soon, can't wait. Highly recommend to anyone in the area or out it's worth the drive.

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