How to Take a Roadtrip With Weed

How to Take a Roadtrip With Weed

Published on 11/17/21

In the world we live in these days, times are tough, and it is easy to get caught up in all of the bad that things going on in the world. If you have been feeling this way and are looking to get out, explore and find a new zest for life. What could be better than a road trip? Furthermore, what could be better than a road trip with weed? With recreational legalizations ramping up across the country, there is no better time to hit the open road with your favorite herb along for the ride (safely, of course). 

The Laws of Driving with Cannabis


It's 2021 and even though cannabis is legal in some capacity in most states, it doesn't mean that you can just do anything with it. Just as there are open container laws with alcohol, and the same thing applies to weed in just about every state. 

For starters, you cannot smoke weed and operate a vehicle at the same time. Sure, there isn't a breathalyzer test for marijuana just yet, but for the safety of yourself and others -- just don't do it. High driving is a punishable offense, just like driving under the influence is. In states where cannabis use is widespread, law enforcement can test the amount of THC in the bloodstream if they see fit to do so. In Colorado, the set level of THC allowed in the bloodstream is no more than 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood

Not only can the driver not smoke, but no one in the car can smoke either. In most states, this also means that one cannot open or break seals of marijuana containers either, even if you are just the passenger. Save the weed and the rolling of joints until you have safely gotten to your destination. 

One can drive with cannabis, but the herb needs to be out of reach and inaccessible from the driver. Therefore, locking it up in the trunk of your car is the safest bet if you are going to be traveling around with cannabis.

One last note on the laws of cannabis, especially within the framework of a road trip. Don't test your luck and try to cross state lines or fly with your favorite strains or edibles. It is illegal for cannabis to cross state lines, even if cannabis is legal in both states. Sure, this may not make sense to some but don't test your luck. You don't want to ruin a fun trip!

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Road Trip with Weed 


The best thing about cannabis is how versatile it is. Do you need a sleep aid? Looking to boost creativity? Looking to stay entertained and laugh for hours, for no reason at all? Marijuana can deliver all of these things while being the best co-pilot for you and your travels. If you plan on hitting the open road and plan on having cannabis coming along too, keep reading below.

Stock Up on the Goods

So, you've planned out your road trip to hit every sight, hike, restaurant and cocktail bar on your list and don't have room for much else. To get in everything you want to see from your trip, you need to be prepared. If you're looking to bring cannabis on board, stock up before you leave. No one wants to take a detour to a dispensary that may or may not have your favorite strains or edibles. Make sure you have your favorite daytime sativa and your trusty edible sleep aid for the nighttime. Doing this all ahead of the trip will only free up more time for all the stops you plan on making. 

4/20 Friendly Stays

This one isn't imperative, but if cannabis is so integrated into your routine that you find yourself smoking at most times throughout the day, you may want to investigate a cannabis-friendly Airbnb or hotel. Depending on where in the world you are, these may be few and far between. However, especially out west where cannabis is used much more freely, these types of places exist. These stays may simply just be smoking friendly or may even have smoking lounges with goodies like grinders, papers, and pre-rolls lying about for the taking. 

Bring Your Favorite Device

When traveling, you need to not only be efficient about your smoking, but also bring along the tools that make smoking on the go the easiest. Whether you love and adore your vape pen or your trusty one-hitter, you need to pack what is going to take up the least amount of room and something that also won't shatter in the car. This means that leaving your pricey bong or dab rig at home is probably the smartest idea. Remember, there are several ways to get baked. 

Look Out for the Best High Spots

When planning your road trip, take into consideration what spots would be a blast while absolutely stoned. If you find yourself throughout various cities, look out for the weird, eclectic local art scene and scope out some of the best museums, art walls, installations and pop-ups. If you're doing a more scenic, nature trip, make sure to find the most beautiful hikes with that picturesque waterfall in the background or the hidden beach that is perfect for a little meditation and weed

Plan Out Your Sessions

So, you want to be nice and baked for most of the trip, right? This is a great idea if you know your limits and plan it all accordingly. Remember, less is always more with cannabis and setting up a schedule for yourself for times to get baked will only benefit you in the long run. Don't plan a session right before a few hours' drive, or you may regret it. 

Do you have any road trip tips when it comes to weed? Where have your travels taken you? Tell us below. 

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