Cannabis Resolutions to Make for 2022

Cannabis Resolutions to Make for 2022

Published on 1/1/22

Somehow, we all survived another whirlwind of a year and year two of the pandemic, slowly integrating ourselves back into a normal routine or getting the chance to travel once more. 2022 has crept upon us, and it's already that time to think of a new year's resolution that we'll actually implement. While most resolutions involve healthy habits, if you consider yourself a consistent stoner, contemplate switching it up and brainstorm new year's resolution ideas that are cannabis-related

Marijuana New Year's Resolution 2022 Ideas 

Make Your Own Edibles 


Picture this. It's the first week of January, and absolutely everyone is asking you, "What's your new year's resolution?". Give them a resolution they haven't heard of yet - and that is to create your own edibles. If eating edibles is one of your favorite consumption methods, consider cutting the cost and experimenting with creating your own. This is especially great if you're one who likes to play around in the kitchen. If not, here at Where's Weed we have several trusty guides on how to make your edibles, how to dose them appropriately, and what the process of decarboxylation is all about. Not only will you save some cash, but you'll also gain some significant praises for making your own, whether it be a tasty weed smoothie or infused pesto that can go on just about anything. 

Support Cannabis Non-Profits & Charities 

While it is customary today in most states to walk into a dispensary and grab a joint like it's no problem, this hasn't always been the case. Users today must remember the many who came before them to make this possible and must consider that advocacy doesn't stop there. The War on Drugs still shakes Americans today, especially those in marginalized communities, consider donating to show solidarity to these communities through charities such as Last Prisoner Project, the NCIA and Cannabis Access Alliance. Support could mean a small donation or simply reposting the non-profits on your social media feed for a larger audience to see. 

Use Cannabis for Your Health 


Everyone loves a good smoking session that sends you to the hazy, dream-like state where you can't feel or think about anything. While those times are great, why not tailor your cannabis usage to combat the health problems you've been facing? This could look like trying a low-THC, high-CBD strain to combat the lingering anxiety or using CBD soaks to target specific muscle spasms and pain. Even if you find yourself in near-perfect health, consider what strains are better for working out, being creative or productive, and smoking up accordingly. 

Shop Social Equity Dispensaries 

What does social equity mean in cannabis, you may ask? The goal of social equity in cannabis is to ensure that people from communities disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition and discriminatory law enforcement are included in the new era of the cannabis industry. Shopping at one of these licensed dispensaries will make any user feel better about where their money is going. Some states are even creating offices specifically to implement these programs. This concept is new in the industry, but a simple google search will show which ones are up and running and ready for your support! 

Book a Cannabis-Themed Trip


While resolutions are considered a vehicle for bettering oneself, they don't always have to be serious. Besides, traveling has many benefits, whether it be exposing oneself to a new culture, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone or boosting creativity. This resolution can materialize as a cannabis road trip or going to a famed cannabis-friendly destination. Whatever it is, you'll be able to recharge and see a new perspective, which is perfect for ringing in a new year. If it's a road trip, make sure to book a 4/20 friendly stay and stock up on your favorite strains before you hit the open road. If it's a destination trip, make sure to find the sights that would be next level while consuming cannabis (legally). 

Be Conscious of Your Cannabis Habits


We constantly hear about needing to reduce our carbon footprint and do what we can to save the environment. While we may practice this in other parts of our lives, it's time to bring this to the forefront of our cannabis consumption, too. Being aware that cannabis packaging is extremely wasteful is a crucial step. Therefore, remember to always recycle those bottles and try to buy in bulk to cut down on the packaging. Don't forget to properly dispose of those vaporizer batteries, too. Smoking a joint during a hike? Make sure whatever you pack in, you pack out. 

Try a New Trend

Cannabis is a fascinating industry that is changing each day, whether it be new technologies or consumption methods. Consider trying a new trend if you've been consuming for a long time and find yourself in a rut. Your cannabis consumption should be fun and lighthearted, not simply a chore. Especially if you're a veteran smoker, consider an infused joint for the ultimate high that is packed with not only cannabis but also concentrates. If you're feeling classy, consider a rose blunt. Not only are the hues decadent, but the aromatics will create an overall sweet, light and floral vibe. Renew the fun and excitement that cannabis brings you in 2022. 

Have you ever made a cannabis new year's resolution? Considering trying any from our list? Tell us below.

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