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Located halfway between Eugene and Portland, Salem is a gorgeous city surrounded by woods and easy-rolling hills. Salem is the capital of Oregon, a paradise hidden within the Mid-Willamette Valley. It is surrounded by national parks, the city is built along the rolling Willamette River, and the Pacific ocean is only an hour to the west. Off in the distance, the snow-capped Mount Jefferson is always visible from the city, a small but icon part of the city’s scenic vista. For adventurers, Salem is an oasis hub for outdoor exploration, with year-round hiking in some of the northwest’s most beautiful national forests. Closer in, Salem is also known for its vineyards and craft breweries, along with an incredibly inviting downtown and an array of in-city parks. In Salem, adventure is always close and a good time just around the corner. 

Salem is also an amazing place to visit if you’re fond of marijuana. Oregon legalized recreational weed in 2014 and has some of the strictest quality standards in America. Marijuana in Oregon is just good, and Salem is no exception. There are many dispensaries throughout the city, and some even offer delivery services. Usually, open between 7 AM and 10 PM, these dispensaries have helped produce a high-end cannabis culture that resonates throughout the city. Please note that, while marijuana is easily accessible, it is illegal to smoke in public or to drive while under the influence of any amount of marijuana.

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