4 Cannabis Friendly Summer Trip Ideas

4 Cannabis Friendly Summer Trip Ideas

Published on 6/27/22

"Summertime," sang by both Sublime and Lana del Rey (one better than the other), "and the livin's easy." Summer is an excellent season for potheads: not only is it easier to spark a fat doobie outside but there are a vast number of 420-friendly activities that you cannot enjoy any other time of the year. If you are looking forward to summer vacation, there are a huge number of pot activities and even pot-friendly hotels that make this summer the perfect opportunity for fun in the sun. States with legal cannabis compete for not just your pot dollars but also your pot tourism dollars. Here are some of the best cannabis-friendly summer trips you can enjoy between now and autumn.

Cannabis Vacations

A few short years ago, the idea of having a cannabis vacation was tantamount to risking spending your vacation in jail. With legalization and the growth of an entire industry, however, not only can you enjoy your favorite bud at your favorite spots, but sometimes you can even bring cannabis products on an airplane to do so. Vacations have increasingly become 420 friendly in many ways; the Colorado Cannabis Tours company will pick you up from the airport with a joint ready to go. 

You can either go for an all-out cannabis vacation, or you can accentuate your favorite activities with Mary Jane on demand. Las Vegas cannabis lounges, for example, allow you to blaze to your heart's content before going out to hit the slots. Since cannabis makes everything that is good even better - from food to activities to the country's best science museums - you have endless options.

DC Museums


Washington DC was one of the pioneer cities of cannabis, decriminalizing pot in 2014 and legalizing recreational bud just one year later. If you are frustrated with the slow pace of federal legalization, take a trip to DC and engage in some civic disobedience. No, we don't mean sparking up in front of the White House: just getting some good reefer, checking out the many free sights in town, and grabbing a bite to eat when the munchies hit. There are classic museums like the Air and Space Museum and under-the-radar picks like the American Indian Museum. Whatever you decide, make sure to pick a good strain: Purple Berry has all the flavor and relaxation needed to give you a good time in the nation's capital.

Alaskan Cruise


This is, by a wide margin, the most "bougie" vacation on this list, but if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, why not spend it one some of the most beautiful sights in the world? Alaska has recreational cannabis (although the state has just 150 dispensaries in total), meaning that you can bring some bud onto a cruise ship. You will need to be a bit sneaky to avoid getting caught, but what could be better than sparking a morning blunt while watching killer whales follow your boat around? If you're going to commit to this kind of vacation, commit to the good stuff: a classic Kush strain will give you everything you're looking for.

Colorado Thirteeners


Perhaps you have heard of the Colorado fourteeners, the 58 peaks that rise at least 14,000 feet into the sky. Many such peaks are challenging to climb, requiring extensive planning and technical skills. If that sounds like it would not make the list of best weed vacations, you are probably right. That's why we recommend turning down the difficulty a bit and trying a thirteener, a mountain that is "only" 13,000 feet tall. Unlike the fourteeners, these 600+ peaks include much easier treks, including hikes that you can start in the morning and be done by lunchtime. It's important to acclimate to the altitude first, and once you do, a few edibles will make it an unforgettable hike that doesn't demand too much from you. Aside from the airline ticket and the hotel, it's free of cost. What strain to smoke? A Starburst, since you're that much closer to the heavens.

Oregon All-Inclusive


If your idea of a great vacation is one where you do not need to lift a finger from start to finish, 420 vacations all-inclusive 2022 options are what you want. Several companies have options for all-inclusive pot vacations, but only one of them offers vacations in Oregon, a foundation stone in recreational cannabis. InnDica has inclusive vacations that start at just $70 per day, allowing you to take a vacation on a budget while enjoying all the high-quality marijuana you can smoke. What strain should you pair with an all-inclusive? Why not go big, and enjoy moon rocks that will keep you high all day. 

Do you enjoy mixing tourism with dank weed? How have you planned and enjoyed a marijuana vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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