Our Favorite Summer Activities to Do While High

Our Favorite Summer Activities to Do While High

Published on 6/25/22

Warmer days and longer nights are right around the corner, and the best part about summer is the endless possibilities it can create. Summer is synonymous with adventure, but sometimes it's easy to fall into a slump, streaming one Netflix special after the other as you bask in the air conditioning. If you've found yourself bored this summer or are out of activity ideas, keep reading below for the best things to do when high this summer. 

Things To Remember Before New Summer Activities

So, you've found yourself stoned on a beautiful summer afternoon and have the whole day ahead of you. While you may be excited and cannot wait to embark on the next great adventure, don't forget a few essential things. 

Stay Hydrated

A well-known side effect of THC is dry mouth, so make sure to grab your favorite water bottle with you before you depart. Water is crucial at any given time, especially when it's warm outside. 

Get In a Good Meal

You may be ready to rush out the door, but don't forget to eat something healthy and hearty before taking off for the smoking session and adventure time. Smoking on an empty stomach isn't for everyone, and you'll want the nutrients so you can keep going all day long. 

Best Things to Do High: Summertime Edition 

1. Take A Hike


There is no secret that some of the best times while stoned are spent outside. A benefit of consuming THC is that it heightens the sensory experience, so getting out to feel the sun on your face or wind running through your hair will only result in a euphoric experience. Grab a high-energy sativa strain like Durban Poison that will leave you feeling productive and energized all day long, for miles on end. 

2. Grab a Paddleboard

If you're lucky enough to live next to any body of water, getting out on the water while high is an unmatched activity. Take the joints on the water with you and take some smoke breaks along the way. Make sure to not forgot your doob tube or nifty Hautebox for keeping your joint dry! We love the sativa strain Jack Herer for this water activity, known for a cerebral elevation that will deliver a blissed-out state of mind. 

3. Indulge in Ice Cream


This may seem like something you can do anytime, but there is something special about your favorite ice cream cone on a hot summer's night as it drips down your hand. What's better? Diving into an ice cream cone after a smoking session, either by yourself or with friends. Settle in with an indica like God's Gift, which is packed with myrcene for ultra-calming sensations as you indulge in your favorite treat. 

4. Host A Cookout

Another one of the fun things to do while high that is quintessential of summer is a cookout. It's all about getting together with friends, making great food, and having a few beverages. Make it a weed-themed cookout if you feel creative in the cannabis kitchen. Light up with a hybrid like Blue Cheese to deliver relaxation with just the right amount of head buzz

5. Practice Yoga in The Park


One of the best spiritual things to do when high is to get some stretching in, mixed with a little bit of meditation. If you consider yourself a yogi, maybe run the practice yourself. If not, most cities typically hold yoga classes in parks during the summer. Roll a joint with the indica strain Blueberry to deliver not only a heavy hit of euphoria but a whole lot of relaxation as you ease into the poses. 

6. Hit an Outdoor Show

Whether an outdoor concert series or theater company, most cities have some sort of summertime entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Grab a blanket, pack some snacks for the munchies, and claim your spot in the grass. Grab an OG sativa strain like Maui Waui to keep the energy and spirits high. 

7. Start a Garden


If you love spending time at your house and outside, consider making a garden in the yard. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but you can grow your favorite veggies and get some much-needed "me time" while being outside. For one of the most peaceful things to do while high alone, pack the bowl with the hybrid Pineapple Express for a balanced dose of alertness and relaxation.

8. Plan a Camping Trip

There is nothing like the great outdoors. It's a chance to get out of the hustle and bustle, breathe clean air, and unplug for a while. Grab some friends, pack the cooler, roll the joints, and be sure to pass them around the nightly bonfire as you exchange stories and laughs. Make sure to pack the sativa Strawberry Cough to deliver the energy to pitch the tent and provide a nice, heady buzz. 

9. Visit an Amusement Park


If you're lucky enough to have one close by, throw it back to one of your favorite childhood activities and feel like a kid again. Ride the rollercoasters and play the games with a little head buzz from some marijuana. Smoke up with Super Lemon Haze beforehand to receive those trademark euphoric, happy, and lively feelings that accompany any sativa strain. 

10. Go Without Phones for a Whole Day

It may seem impossible in today's times, but we are way too attached to our cell phones. If you can do it, lock your phones away somewhere for a whole day so you can stay present, with no interruptions or social media to waste time on. Opt-in for a sativa strain here like Chocolope to sustain energy levels throughout the day as you take on the world without the screens. 

What is your favorite summertime activity? Which one do you think is the best one while stoned? Tell us your best summer adventure story in the comments below. 

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